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Wheel of Fortune Update

I thought I'd let you know that the wheel spun round and landed back on the same spot as it did over 3 years ago. My consultant had phoned me on the 6th January with my CT scan results.

I had an appointment with him last Monday but he just re-iterated the phone call and looked at the CT scan in detail.

Basically what the scan says it appears that there is a 2.7 x 2.2 cm and a much smaller area of my right lung that appears to be new tumours. There is also an enlarged, 2.2 x 2.3 gland in the central chest area which may also be cancerous. The radiologist suggests this is probably mets from my previous cancer but a new cancer can't be ruled out.

I have a bronchology with ultrasound on Thursday and a PET scan on Friday next week.

I had been getting a bit wound up about things but after some advice (many thanks Moni) and some sleeping pills from my GP I have realised that there is nothing I can do until we get some more info from the biopsy and scans.


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Good Luck

Been thinking of you Rab, best if luck next week x

So sorry it's really hard to write on here I'm sure other people like me find it hard too incase they say the wrong thing. Hope everything turns out as well as it can xx Angie

Thinking of you

All the best, hope things turn out for yu as yu hv been so supportive to others along on this blog site, I'm sure we are all rooting for yu.

jean x

Hope the outcome of you test results will be okay. But I know, thought run away at times and it is easy to start making mountains out of mole hill. (Very difficult not too).I have always found your comments and support helpful. So will be thinking of you over the next few weeks

Hope all goes well, fingers crossed for youx

Hi Rabbie sorry to hear about your scan results, I have always used your experience as a guide to my situation as you gave me good advice when I was facing the operation so I`m keeping my fingers crossed for you good luck!


Oh, I'm sorry you have this worry. I hope it works out ok. I'm new to this with my husband and it surely is a rollercoaster day to day. One day I feel fine the next weeping at the slightest thing. So when I read your post I really do appreciate how hard it is to stay positive sometimes. Take care and sending positive thoughts for your biopsy and scan results

Go well

Cath x

Hi Rab, like everyone on here we wish you the best possible outcome next week. You are a true inspiration to us all. Good luck. xx

Hi Rab,

I hope things go well for you,best wishes.


So sorry to hear this Rab. Really hope it turns out to be something that can be dealt with easily. Julie x

Dear Rabbie,

You are a tremendous source of information, support and inspiration on this forum. I hope that the collective support and good wishes from others helps to lift your spirits. As Jean says, " We are all rooting for you"

Beth, on behalf of information and support.

Dear Rabbie, sorry to be so slow to reply, I couldn't think what to say. I just want to wish you the strength to cope with whatever the results show.

All the best, Sue

Hi Rabbie,I am sorry to hear of your situation,the waiting game for outcomes is so unnerving,like everyone else here I wish you well and that there will be a positive outcome following your upcoming brontoscopy,ultrasounds and PET scans over the next couple of weeks.

Thinking about you,


Best of luck hidden thinging of you

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