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Another hospital stay

Back in hospital escorted by an amazing city centre GP who insisted on getting me in ,only went to get results of 24hr tape which was showing heart rate regularly flips from 45-250bpm also starting to feel rubbish a oxygen levels low 75% on sats monitor when doing daily living stuff .So back to cardiology review can only offer pills so trying some new pills ,staying for a scan to rule out P.E then home again.I am so impressed with the service my local community doctors and lung care nurses and hospital cardiology oncology have provided for me .I know they cannot fix me but they are doing their best to keep me going as long as they can .So I am feeling blessed and lucky ,cancer is the shite bit not anything else.We are all unlucky to have it .

My daughter finishes her nurse training next year I so want to be there for her graduation she will be a fab nurse .I might not make it but I am going to try .I think I can do it so at least I have Goal to aim for so that is positive ,I may have to accept a life of pills and steroids now just to get there .Doing it for my family and that is a very worthwhile course not to say I don't feel sad and it seems unfair ,but in the end it is what it is ,so got try and find a little light to carry me onwards.

Hopefully this is not a depressing post just sharing my story ,still high on steroids although doses reducing slowly.Hence early hour post .

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So sorry your having it rough but i know your get threw it your a strong women and with all your positiveness im shore you will reach your goal off seeing your doughter graduate. I know all about the no sleeping with the steriods my husbands a wake at the crack off dawn .hope everything goes well carol x

Here's wishing you more strength and courage as you do your best to manage your situation by thinking of your daughter…. take care. x

Hi Diane its a wonderful post thank you foŕ sharing your feelings with us . I am so impressed by you and I truely believe you will see your daughter,s graduation next year . How proud you must be of her , my 17 year old girl is starting her nusing degree next week .Diane you seem to cope so well with what this damn disease throws at you .I hope you continue being kind to yourself , that you have contentment and that you remember to celebrate YOU !!! . In my thoughts , sending you my best wishes.

Jane x

Hi Diane

Sorry to hear you are back and forward to hospital through this horrible situation.

Thinking of you and sending you lots of strength.

Best wishes

Hoggy x

Hello diane55,

thank you for your wonderful post, I am pleased to hear that you have the support and confidence with the team who are looking after you. You have such a great postitve attitude and I am sure that this will go a long way in giving you the strenth to make it to your daughters gradutaion.

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline

It's not a depressing post at all Diane but an incredibly positive and inspiring post. Your love, courage and positive attitude shines through and I am praying that you will find that light to carry you forward and see your daughter graduate. Keep strong. Sending you my very best wishes xxx

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