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Hi, It seems that I have recurrence of tumour in my heart and brain ,so I am about to embark upon a chemo regime and immunology to drive it away again .Can't say I am looking forward to this but at least something is on offer so that is positive ,so here I go again fingers crossed it will go well and maybe by the end of the summer things would have improved for me and my family .I have sort of known I have been unwell for sometime but I always think my husband thinks I will get better that cancer will disappear ,its not really like that its more like sticking on a plaster and hoping it stays at bay for a bit longer .At least I had a really nice Xmas and a grandson due any day now so not all bad ,a new generation on the horizon that will keep me going .I am starting to feel like a soldier just about to go out to battle again but it is like you are battling yourself the enemy lives within .I have decided to eat healthier on the run up to chemo and obviously keep moving about and attend any support group that I find useful .Friends have given me amazing support throughout which I think really helps in challenging times .If I can have a laugh with friends that's a good thing, distraction is a key to getting through these things .I don't know why I am posting this if any one else has had this tripple therapy and have any tips always grateful for input .The therapy is carboplatin,pemetrexed and pembrolizumab and is due to start at the beginning of February .Diane

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Hi Diane55,

You are lucky to have such good support from family and friends. What great news that you are about to welcome a new grandson,warmest congratulations.

There is evidence in the published literature in the USA that the combination of carboplatin and pemetrexed with pembrolizumab showed promising results in a real world setting in patients with NSCLC with and without brain metastases that are in line with the reported results of phase II and III studies. Most significant benefit was observed in preventing progression and achieving the disease control.

There is also an article published in June last year which states the triple treatment improves lung cancer survival.

With very best wishes for your forthcoming treatment.

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

Hi so sorry to hear that. If they got it first time around and it's back. They have several new treatments out that are letting stage 3-4 live a lot. Longer it's not a automatic death sentence anymore I'm stage 3 in lympnodes I was supposed to do radiation but I knew my body couldn't handle it. So I did 6 month's of chemo and had lobectomy left upper lobe. I'm a six year lung cancer survivor. What I want you to do. Have hope and keep fighting never give up. Just because it's back doesn't mean they can't get rid of it. 2 years before I got lung cancer o had breast cancer it was in the stage 0 they done a mastectomy. Please have hope and believe they can get rid of it again.If you need to talk I'm here for you I will be your little angel watching over you. Love susiejo1948

Hi Diane

Sorry to read about the recurrence but glad to hear that they have a good plan in place for you. I am sure the arrival of your new grandson will help with keeping your outlook positive.

Sending you lots of love and good wishes

Jane xx

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Thank you Janey ,just doing a few last visits to relatives and Bath then going to hunker down and get on with treatment ,hopefully I won't get all the side effects .Hope you are doing ok and feeling ok .Diane x

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Have a lovely time with your relatives and in a bath. All okay here thanks. Hope all goes smoothly with the treatment - sending you lots of love and good wishes


Hi Diane

You go be a soldier in to battle again and conquer it!

It's all we can do but you are a strong lady and we all support you and will be thinking of you.

Best wishes and good luck soldier!

Love and strength to you.

Hoggy xx

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Thank you Hoggy ,soldier I will .x

This combo was so successful in generating progression free survival that it is now considered the best option for firstline treatment. It has been well established as a second/third line treatment.

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That sounds hopeful and positive ,thankyou for that .Diane

Are you taking all 3 at the one time. I didn’t realize you could do immunotherapy along with chemo. I started of with cistplatin/Pemetrexed now I’m on my 22 infusion of maintenance Pemetrexed. Next stop will then be immunotherapy.

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You might be right I am feeling a little woolly on details ,how did you get on with the chemo aspects?Diane

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Diane the Pemetrexed maintenance has been pretty smooth going. No big side effects. A litttle neuropathy but I think that is from when I was on the cistplatin. When I was doing both one of the biggest side effect was the fatigue. I had nausea but got that under control with meds but my tumour did shrink. I am now at nearly 2 years since I was first diagnosed and getting my 23 Pemetrexed infusion next week with everything stable. Wishing you all the best with your treatment. Stay strong.

Hi Diane

Like others im so sorry to hear your facing another battle with cancer but glad that a treatment plan is available for you .

You are a lady who is much loved and how wonderful a new grandson is on the way Congratulations !! .

I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for you , im sending my best wishes and hope that the treatment works and isnt to harsh on you .

Jane x

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Just thank-you and I hope it works also ,Fingers crossed .x

You go girl!!!! I heard from my oncologist that this combo works well. Congratulations on the grandson. Take care. Jean

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Thank-you for your support .Diane

Hi Diane55,

I got stage 4 lung cancer with brain met. I have just finished my 5 cycle of the same drug - Carboplatin, premetrex and keytruda. My scan is due 5th Feb. I can tell you more after that. Wish you all the best.

Just had first round of carboplatin ,premetrex and keytrunda ,so far so good.Early days yet so see how it goes .Hope your scan goes well fingers crossed .Take care Diane

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