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Hi Pam

When I got my scan results a few weeks back it had spread to my hip Iv had radiotherapy and have been put on tagrisso targeted therapy new treatments are coming through all the time and you need to keep positive I know it’s hard but we are all together here so keep strong xx

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Hi Rusty, sorry for late reply, had a rough couple of days after my brain scan, still in shock. I’m feel for you Rusty, as if we haven’t been through enough. It’s awful news when your told it’s spread. I’d just managed to come to terms with lung cancer, but not this. Yes, new treatments all the time. Very interesting article in newspapers and on news, vaccine trials for advanced lung, prostate and ovarian cancer being trialled at Christie Hospital and Royal London. The vaccine is given every few weeks, and the participants have all seen their cancer gone! They are hoping it will be available to treat aggressive lung, prostate and ovarian in 18 months to 2 years. Keep strong Rusty and sending love to you. Pam xxxx

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Hi PamLove to you too I’m sending a virtual hug xx

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Love to you too Rusty xxxx

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