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so worried

my husband started with a pain in his shoulder which then went to his side ,he was sent for a chest xray he was told he had an infection and given antibiotics,after a repeat xray he was sent for a c.t scan a m.r.i scan which shown a tumour on his lung plus some white nodules on the same lung,he then had a broncoscopy ,a needle biopy, then a week later a ebus where more biopsys were taken all test keep coming back inconclusive,although they keep mentioning the big c word he his in constant pain which he is on morphine (mst) 80mg every 12 hours he is down to have surgery on saturday where they are going to open his chest to get another biopsy from his lung.we got the call yesterday to ell us this, now yet another phone call to say his white cell count is very high and they may have to postpone the op as he could have an infection , after the last biopsy he suffered an efusion in his lung and had to be admitted to hospital to have a chest drain put in to draw off the liquid dont know how much longer we can bear this my husband as no appetite at all and has eaten very very little the last two weeks , we have been like this since september all we get told is they must give the right tratment chemo or radium we just want treatment to get started as the weeks keep going on, sorry for the rant jst wondered as an one else had this sort of experience .thans in advance .

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Hi Sue2428, I had all the procedures that your husband as well as a medianistoscopy to try and get a biopsy sample, eventually a CT guided needle to my left lung was successful and only once they have got a sample tissue can a diagnosis be confirmed. Your husbands medical team will want to know if it is cancer and then check for any mutations as there are now treatments which show a good response when targeted specifically.

With regard to your hubby not eating please see your GP as he can prescribe some food supplement drinks, these are quite expensive so prescription is usually cheaper, it may also be worthwhile asking about a short dose of steroids as I have found these boost my appetite. He should try to eat when he can even if it is only small meals or snacks and try to drink plenty of water.

I am also on 40mg of Morphine Slow Release per 12 hours but also have a supply of Sevredol tablets which are fast acting if I get sharp pains.

Don't apologise for ranting as this must be an extremely difficult time for you both and the not knowing and waiting is very strength sapping.

Have you been assigned a lung nurse that you can call and discuss things with as again I have found my nurse a great help and support.

Here's hoping that your husband gets on with the relevant tests and suitable treatment can start.

Stay strong



thanks rab for your response my husbands op is going ahead on saturday as long as his white cell count doesent go up again they have given him antibiotics to take fingers crossed may you continue to get well



Nothing similar to what you are going through, but rant to your hearts content since we have all been there as the person concerned or as the carer for the person. I will keep my fingers crossed that you get a date for everything to start soon.

lots of love


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thank you francis for your kind words x

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Hope all goes well on Saturday .So difficult to be strong all the time .When your husband nis down your down. My husband. is. on his 4 the Chemo next week .Started being I'll in May last year and had xray in September after that ct scan biopsys .Chemo started October .The 4 Chemo is last one we are hopeful of positive outcome.I do hope and pray you will have a good out come and treatment starts soon sending you a hug sure you must need plenty Jeanie x


thanks jeani has been on antibiotics for the last 2 days has his white cell markers were high,hospital called us yesterday to have another blood test , they had taken his blood last friday so must of known then that is white cell count was too high yet only called us yesterday they seem to think he could have an infection they will check again to-morrow before surgery,so we still dont know if they re going to go ahead with the op. he is not eating as he says he just feels constantley sick, he is on anti sickness tablets,whick he had to ask his gp for on monday the gp sounded his chest and back but never picked up on any infection then.

feel like were getting nowhere,dont know how long he can go on like this thanks for your reply its nice to know we are not completley alone fingers crossed for your husbands complete recovery xx


Oh dear seems to go on and on that feeling of sickness is so hard.Don't think anti sickness meds help much . Dr did prescribe Lansoprazole Gastro resistant capsules to take in morning 30 min before food.They have really helped him

Hope tomorrow brings better news for you Jeani xx.


thanks jeani well my husband as been in hospital and had a surgical lung biopsy done no wonder he felt sick the surgeon removed 1 ltr of puss off his lung that was on saturday he had only seen his own g.p on the monday how he never picked up on it i just dont know as he was very breathless when he went to see him.he is now home with a chest drain in situ and a district nurse will be coming to do his dressings ,then its back to hospital next friday to see if he can have the drain removed and to get the results from his biopsys so fingers crossed ,oh and on a good note he seems to be getting his appetite back and no longer feels sick so onwards and upwards. hope all is well and your husbands sickness as subsided xx


Oh dear Sue you must have had such a worrying week .Good to hear he on the mend and getting his appetite back .Fingers crossed for good results next Friday .

My husband has had a good week he has his appetite back for now .He had Chemo yesterday is allright for a few days due to steroids .When they wear off his appetite goes for about a week .but like you say onwards and upwards

Fingers crossed Jeanie xx

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hi jeanie glad he is eating got to keep there strength up,can i ask how man chemo's has he had and how as it affected him, well district nurse dident turn up but did ring to check he was o.k so thankfull for small mercy's good job i have a good stomach as i had to empty his drain bag but surprising what you can do when you have to lets hope next week is a good one take care stay strong and positive xx


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