Date for more surgery

Just got my date for second lung surgery, wed 28th Jan, had 2 wedge sections to remove 2 tumors right upper lobe 7 weeks ago, then when I had my out patient appointment it was decided that it would be better if I have the right upper lobe removed, I also have a tumor in my left lung but surgeon said they are not going to operate on that but possiably treat it with radiotherapy, I posted in December and said I would let you know when I was going in hospital, I am trying keep positive and trying not to think about it till Wednesday.

wishing you all a good weekend

take care xx

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  • Hi Margaret, you certainly are having a rough time with all this surgery, but at least you know what to expect. Hopefully your doc has given you some help to keep you calm and get some sleep.

    I've had my PET scan today and boy did my arms ache afterwards.

    Try and not worry too much and good luck for Wednesday.


  • Hi Rabbie luckily I have no trouble sleeping, but knowing what to expect doesn't keep me calm, but it has to be done, those PET scans do make your arms ache having to keep them above your head for so long hope you are feeling better.

    take care x

  • Oh that is going to be hard. Have you recovered well from the previous surgery, they must think you have or they wouldn't be suggesting it. It's very hard to keep positive and believe it's for the best. Invariably when I come on here I'm at a low point and looking for support which family can't always give.

    You will be fine, perhaps the doc can help with the sleep. :)

  • Hi JeanneLe,

    I ,don't feel that I have recovered fully but they must think I am fit enough, it is hard to keep positive but coming here and talking about it really helps, and knowing we are all in the same boat and supporting each other keeps me positive, sometime its hard for family to understand how you really feel, I just keep saying to myself its for the best.

    take care x

  • Good luck for Wednesday. xx

  • Thanks Jilly

    take care x

  • Hi Margaret sorry to hear youre having to go through more surgery although cant quite understand why the docs didnt take out the whole lobe in the first place ! ? Anyway I hope it all goes well next week and I will be thinking of you x

    Julie x

  • Hi Julie, I wish they had taken the lobe out at first, the surgeon suggested at my out patients appointment that while I was well it would be better to have the lobe out , the only other option he said was surveillance with increased risk of local regional occurrence so I went for the surgery other wise I would be forever thinking it would come back, I asked what is my cancer its adenocarcinoma in my copy letter it says pT3 can anyone tell me what that means is it stage 3

    Margaret x

  • Hi Margaret, try this link to help with understanding staging.

    Rab x

  • Thanks Rabbie for the link I will have a look.

    Take Care x

  • Hope it all goes well! They must think it will be very successful to even do it. Hopefully with that and the radiotherapy you will get some good quality back into your life. very best wishes.Julie xx

  • Thanks jujuju,

    take care

    Margaret x

  • Best of luck honey. Sounds like they're treating you 'all guns blazing' which sounds like they are confident of a positive outcome for you. Stay positive, I'll be thinking about you Wednesday. Please drop us a line when you feel up to it and let us know how you are xx

  • Thanks carolannmarie, I will let you all know how it went in a few weeks,

    take care


  • I hope Wednesday goes well for you,have a speedy recovery.


  • Thanks Stewart,

    you take care

    Margaret x

  • Margaret

    Quite a thought of what you have been through. Good luck with the surgery and do let us know how you get on. Be prepared to pace yourself as you recover and I hope that things go well,

    best wishes


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

  • Thanks Lorraine, I will let you all know how things go.


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