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Brain mets

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Hi, I had surgery to remove brain tumour in November and then 3 blasts of stereotactic radiation. I have another scan next week with results on 30th Jan. What can I expect? Should I be having chemo or immunotherapy to prevent a reoccurance? I'm concerned that now it is has been in my brain, more tumours will be popping up. Any advise is welcome.


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Hello DainaA,

We have an information booklet Understanding brain metastases, this has lots of up to date information on what you can expect if you have been diagnosed with brain mets, I have added a link below. If you would like to speak with someone please give us a call on our nurse led helpline freephone 0800 358 7200

Thank you that's useful all be it a tad depressing. Seeing my oncologist on 23rd so should get a better idea on things.

This leaflet is pretty depressing. I believe some outcomes are more positive these days.

Im not a doctor but i do know some tumours that appear in your body can be either malignant or nonmalignant .They have to be removed. If it is malignant then i would think the follow up after radiation would be chemo but as i say im not a doctor so this is purely how i would think x Hope your next scan turns out well for you. Thinking of youx

Thank you for your reply - am seeing oncologist on 23rd so will update

Hi Initially the radiotherapy did stop more brain tumour from progressing but I have had a heart metastasis for sometime and only now has that progressed to more developing .I think that is why I am having a combination treatment to treat it more globally. Sort of makes sense to me a pity I wasn't offered it earlier but I don't think it has been around and available that long .We are all different and treatment presumably is tailored to our current needs .You have to believe in your oncologist ,they would have seen a lot of cancer outcomes and have some idea as to best way to treat .Have faith in your oncologist ask about the possibility of other treatments and if you might need them .Take care Diane.xx

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