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Lung cancer with brain mets

I have just found out today my husband has got lung cancer with brain mets he is 73 what should i exspect to happen next we are seeing oncologist on Thursday and she will tell us what the options are .he had lung cancer in april 2015 then may 2016 he had a recurrence. Now this so woried

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Hello and so sorry to hear you are facing this wicked disease again! Nowadays they try to get a biopsy for testing for mutations - that takes a while- and hopefully your dear husband comes up positive for one and can avoid chemo. As I said, this all takes time and is a very difficult time. Re the Brain Mets I know nothing specifically BUT know of others who have been put on steroids to try to reduce the size and then sent for the Cyber Knife etc.

I can imaging you are out of your minds with worry BUT these lengthy procedures have to be gone through to determine the best treatment for your husband. If you go onto the Macmillan site there is something there about "Questions to ask following diagnosis" - can be very helpful.

Wishing you all the very best.

Love and Hugs

Diz xx

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Thank you its all so confusing and scary they have given us steriods anti sickness tablets and pain killers and hopefully they will work for him x


Hi, i am sorry to hear this , my husband has just the same and was diagnosed last November but to cut a long story short he is doing well, he is on steroids all the time and he has had 4 lots of chemo(Cisplatin & Pemetrexed ) the results have been good and all the tumours have reduced significantly he is now on a maintenance course of just Pemetrexed and although the chemo does make him tired,sickly and weak at times ,we battle through, he is 66.There was talk of radiotherapy on his brain but the chemo has reduced it so much that now they are not going to do it ,not yet anyway. I hope this will take the pressure of a bit .Like you this is a very difficult time and when we were told this i was heart broken, my husband had never been ill and we had big plans for our retirement which have been put on hold but we will for fill those plans, I am determent to do them or at least some of them.

Good Luck


It just seems so unfair to have the cancer twice and now this good luck to you and hope you get to do all the things you have planed xx


And good luck to you also and keep in touch ,it is good to talk. xx


I will thanks x


Hi Misam,

I am so sorry to hear about your husbands recent diagnosis.There are however a number of options for helping people with brain metastases and treatments vary depending on a range of factors.We have a very up to date booklet just published which explains the treatment options and it is available to download ; roycastle.org/system/file_u...

It would be a good idea to read over it in case you have some questions you might ant to ask the Oncologist when you see her on Thursday.

If you would like a hard copy please call the nurse led Helpline Freephone 0800 358 7200 and we will send you a copy.

if there are any questions after reading the booklet please don't hesitate to give us a ring.

Kind regards,

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline


Thank you will phone for booklet as only have phone not computer to down load carol


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