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Immunotherapy now started on pembrolizumab has anyone had experience of this drug?


Jan 2018, surgery to remove 2/3 of right lung : prognosis good.

Several follow up scans identified small tumour then treated with SABR intensive radiotherapy in July.

Follow-up scan reviewed with oncologist on 26th November which showed tumours have returned and started Immunotherapy treatment on 30th November.

I have no appetite and taking liquid supplements , persistent cough and lacking sleep.

Any feedback welcomed.

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Hi I have been treated for with Pembrolizumab for nsclc with lymph node and brain mets with since June 2017 and have just had my 25th infusion. It has been extremely successful for me. Happy to answer any questions if I can 😊 hope you are doing ok x

Mum is on this with great results! Her appetite died initially and lost a stone but it came back and now has a great appetite!!! See your doctor about sleep, you’ve only had 1 infusion so I’d say see how it goes, first few weeks are bumpy but from what I have read for most people it all balances out. Happy to answer anything else you need to know


Hi Corazon 1, I infer from your posting that the treatment is going well, and that you are interested in the next stage of immunotherapy treatment. I have no experience of pembrolizumab, but I have had 20+ infusions of nivolumab, a similar drug offering. The side effects have been minimal, and the infusions are done fortnightly at home in a relaxed process by community nurses.

My stage 4 NSCLC has been well controlled all year. No tumour growth. My Oncologist is honest enough to say that the immunotherapy drugs are so new that there is insufficient reliable data to know how long is the optimal length of treatment. One year? Two years? Who knows? Just keep an eye on the cancer, and on the side effects.

All I know is that the infusion is SO much easier than chemotherapy, and that it appears either to be controlling my cancer tumour, or alternatively doing me no harm at all. Either way I am ok with it.

Good luck with your treatment. I hope to hear that it is going well.

Hi Corazon I am new here was diagnosed with lung cancer in October tumour to my right lung spreading to lymph nodes in my chest and coller bones Stage 111b. Was not a candidate for radiotherapy or chemo and was offered pembrolizumab. I was quite excited as heard this new immunotherapy has had good results. I have had 2 treatments with no side effects. This week i meet my oncologist before my 3rd to see if it is working and we continue. My husband and daughters has been so positive and so supportive which helps me so much. I remain positive and pray to God my treatment continues. I have no fear from this drug as I said I have read so much good things about it and also its less harsh as chemo. I wish you well for the future and please try to remain positive as I feel this will help with the treatment

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