Started Chemo on the 24th of April

Hi to everyone , well I am a new member and up very early this morning and decided to join the group. I have been looking over this site for a month now , and have found posts, information and and other peoples experiences have helped me to remain positive and strong. I had my first chemo session on Thursday 24th , I have been offered GemCarbo. I go back on the 1st for another session. The pattern seems to be one session of , gemcitabine and carboplatin) following week session of gemcitabine and 3rd week see oncologist. After 2 cycles , another scan and review. Initial experience was devastation, within minutes my world stopped turning. Then after more discussion I was able to turn negative thoughts to positive ones with the staging and size of the tumour. Now i am back fighting negative ones due to being informed of 3 lymph nodes in my chest are active. This was the not the news i wanted on top of accepting i have a tumour. I have had to stop work, not due to symptoms , due to the environments I enter in my work role places me at higher risk of infections. This is also difficult to except as my career over many years has been caring for and supporting others. Now the role is reversed. Sorry to sounding a bit gloomy , but i wake up early morning now and felt i needed to write , whilst my family are a sleep.

hugs to all


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  • Hi Kaza, I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with this awful disease. Are you being considered for surgery? It is very difficult to come to terms with things initially but you are right to try and stay positive. Make sure you eat healthily and exercise if you can. Keep us posted.

    Good Luck Rab x

  • Hi Rabbie this have said at this stage I am inoperable. I have had a pet scan and everywhere else appears to be clear. They wanted to start me on chemo and then radiotherapy later. This is due to the lymph nodes being active , so they want to address this first. I have always eaten healthy and have spent the last 12 months in the gym. But they don't want me going to the gym at the moment , preventive measure to reduce the risk of infection. Which is a activity I enjoyed , difficult have to tweak my normal daily pattern . May consider purchasing exercise machine for home. See how I am after next chemo session. As I guess this is when the side effects from chemo kick in.

    Caz x

  • Hi, my husband started his chemo on the 24th April too and goes back 1st then has a week off the plan is to have 4 cycles. He's having Cisplatin and vincrable (I know that's probably spelt wrong) he had his his full lung removed 27/2/14 as they didn't think it had spread, histology found it had spread to his pericardium and 1 lymph node. We saw the oncologist two weeks ago but none messioned a next appointment. Although he has just had his first session of chemo (double) he's been really well other than being really tired. My husband is missing not being in work too, but it such early days in the treatment, but in time if he wants to go back I will support him with it. He does go into work to see his work colleagues and has a cuppa and a laugh with them. He always seems more positive after spending time with them. Keep positive! And keeping fighting!!! Best regards Tricia

  • Hi Kaza,

    I think your idea of purchasing an exercise bike is a good one. Like you, I was a regular attendee at the local gym and believed myself to be super fit! I bought my exercise bike within a month of having my left lung removed over two years ago and I use it nearly every day. I do feel the benefit of the exercise.All the best to you and remain positive.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Kaza,

    I am so glad that you are finding support from the site. I don't think there is any substitute for speaking to people who can relate to your situation. If you require further support, please don't hesitate to contact our free helpline on 0300 323 7200. We also have free information on living with, and treatment for lung cancer. You can view this on and order on line or via the helpline.

    Best wishes,

    Beth, on behalf of information and support.

  • Hi , oncologist appointment today. Advise was to have a scan after 3 cycles of chemo instead of two. Due to the last scan I had on day 1 of chemo has shown a change to my previous scan in March. The lymph node near my left lung has increased in size. This is the concern, due to the other lymph nodes are on the same side as my tumour ( right lung) and this area is more treatable. So I feel it is a bit of a set back now, to hear that the lymph node has increased in size. And everything rides on this lymph node becoming zapped , so they can offer me more options to manage the other side. Fingers and toes crossed , and and an additional month waiting to see if chemo has helped.

    Got my cross trainer arriving tomorrow as a substitute to going to the gym, so hopefully this will keep me focused and my mind on track.

    Thank you for the replies

    hugs to everyone


  • Go to natural health clinic like OHI in Texas or San Diego - many cured from cancer by going to raw food diet, doing coffee enemas, cutting out meat, diary, sugar, candy, etc. out of diet. no smoking, no alcohol

    I have squamous cell carcinoma in right lower lobe - doing raw food, supplements, essiac, hoxsley therapy, etc. but no surgery no chemo no radiation. do not give up hope - you can beat it. I also have COPD and moderate to severe emphysema - quit smoking after 50 yyears when say the 4x3x3 cm tumor in rt lower lobe in CT scan.

  • Hi gipauler, thank you for the advice. I have always eaten healthy and exercised regular in the gym. As i can't go to gym at the moment due to risk of infection from others, I am using an exercise machine at home. I am lucky that the chemo has not given me any side effects , so i am eating well. But i have changed my diet to include a wider range of health foods. I have increased my fruit , fish and no alcohol. Everyone around me has stopped smoking in my presence. But my oncologist said i can't eat raw food , vegetables have to be cooked and no salad. As I will not know what growth products have been used on the vegetables and salad.

    I will look at the optimumhealth site though for additional information .

    best wishes


  • Hi there, I know this is a month on and you will be well into your treatment by now. I hope you are coping with it. I too had inoperable cancer as it was the size of a tennis ball and wrapped around major blood vessels. However - I was given to believe it was terminal, and went on to make all my funeral arrangements, cleared my house out - burned documents etc etc.However, that was 11 months ago, and the oncologist gave me a chance - in her words a very slim one. I had 3 courses of chemo then concurrent radio and chemo together. It was a rough journey, had to give up work and rehome my cat( that was one of the most heartbreaking things I had to do) I live on my own and my little fur ball would greet me everyday! ANYWAY, to give you some hope i am still here and in remission. Have had 2 check xrays and they tell me I am clear. Mine was squamous cell with a node on my left lung. I hope you are doing ok, It is an arduous journey, but my outcome was positive so far. I even sold everything I had to reward myself with a holiday abroad. The insurance was £800 and £1000 excess!!!! So I just would like to give you some positive feed back. PS I now have another puss cat from the cats protection league, who will take her back if my cancer returns, but for now she is spoiled rotten and at this very moment is snuggled up next to me! ;)

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