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Anyone had experience of this?


All of a sudden my husband had a lump appear on his neck, still there after taking strong penicillen and so after a scan and biopsy he has been diagnosed with a tumour just waiting for CT scan and then to hear treatment of chemo or radiotherapy not sure what to expect has anyone with experience of this please?

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Hi Spicey. Sorry I can't help, but as usual, I would strongly advise you to liaise closely with the cancer nurse specialist. They are generally excellent at keeping us up to date and well informed. Best wishes, Bill

I had exactly the same thing, I was diagnosed with a secondary in the neck and am starting chemo next Friday. I'm getting worried but having counselling tomorrow which hopefully will help. I would echo the previous comment and accept all the help you are offered. Good luck to you both.

Thank you Bill and Dave for your comments much appreciated, we are lucky to have a great Consultant and Lung Cancer Nurses.

Good luck Dave with your treatment too we have to wait a week for scan and to find out what treatment is needed. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on. Take care. x


Sorry to hear your news. The lump is possibly lymph node involvement as a tumour has been diagnosed following a biopsy, this is usually a secondary cancer.

All you can do is await the CT which will show where the primary tumour is and trust in your medical team to precsrib ethe best treatment.

Please let us know how you get on as we will helpa and support you all we can, we're all in a similar situation albeit some of us further along.

good luck

Lyn x

Thank you Lyn that means alot xx

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