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Here we go again

Well I know i havent posted for a while Dad was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer last year he had his first lot of Chemo carboplatin and gemcitabine (excuse the spelling) which he sailed through no side effects, had follow up scans where it showed it had shrunk a bit, so friday we went to the oncologist and were told it had grown although they couldnt guarantee that it was cancer and not a chest infection, so Tuesday he starts Chemo again this time on Docetaxel (Taxotere). I have to say he is fine no pain nothing apart from sometimes he has trouble with phlegm on his chest which he has trouble coughing up not all the time sometimes he goes weeks with no problems, although now we have found that if he has honey and lemon that shifts it, not sure if this is a problem that people with lung cancer have or just him (he tells me he doesnt like giving anything away). I live with him, look after him and love him not sure what else i can do. We are both really lucky that my sister is great and pops in all the time. Such an amazing Dad and I am so very blessed to have him :-)

Love and hugs to everyone living and coping with this awful thing


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Hi Frances

I cough up a little phlegm or catarrh not sure which but only on some days and happens a lot after I have eaten dairy in particular choc. Ice cream and cream cakes as a treat I have of course!

Keep your dad up with the good work.

Best wishes



Thanks Hoggy, dont think it helped because we didnt see our normal oncologist, when we see different ones i always get the feeling that they are just waiting to sign the death certificate, probably just me but when they tell you that this chemo is the last one and there is nothing else they can do, just feels like everyone is washing there hands of you.




Hello frankiedarv,

a cough and coughing up phlegm can be troublesome, you are doing the right thing with lemon and honey made up as a drink it is a natural remedy and is very good for these symptoms. Try to keep your dad well hydrated with plenty of warm drinks, avoid places and atmospheres which may trigger the coughing, dry, warm environments may trigger a cough also car heating systems and air conditioning, it can help by placing bowels of water around the house this keeps the air humid, also at this time time of year allergens and poor air quality can also cause a cough.

If you have a lung cancer nurse specialist she may be able to advise you and provide some support and continuity in your dads care.

If you wish to talk with someone please call our helpline Freephone 0333 323 7200

Kind regards Roy Castle Helpline


Thank you he now has one honey and lemon and day to try and stop the stuff building up on his lungs this seems to be helping lots.

lots of love



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