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Just live day by day, Life is precious make the most of it, off to Sunshine States for 3 months.

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when my husband diagnosed with Stage 3 SCLC T4 N1 , 7 months ago, I thought he could not make it. He had Chemoradiaton, 4 cycle of Chemo and 25 Radiation, and another 10 PCR just to make sure the cancer won't spread to his brain as a precautionary. Before the treatment ever begun my husband GP told him to book himself in a Hospice because it's terminal, and his Oncologist told him as well that maybe he could not take it. Oh well he still here still fighting with the side effects but not to bad. Sometimes bad day and sometimes good, most of the time good. Enjoying the Sunshine States, we know that he is living in a borrowed time but we all do. Just keep fighting no Doctors can predict how long you going to live in this world.

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Sorry to hear this; but good for him, and you; enjoy the sunshine states xx

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salakot in reply to susieanna

Thank you, we're here for a month now, his doing great .

Great approach to a poor situation. Sometimes we wish we didn't have to have such life lessons but enjoy it all whilst you can…. good luck :)

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salakot in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you, at first I'm not sure with his decision, but hey what the hick, after all the re staging scan, abdomen, pelvic, chest, head they can't see any abnormality, then wait for another scan after 3 months, he decided to stay here in Florida, where he can get the nice weather, stroll the beach every sunrise and sunset or sometimes do some fishing that his exercise he enjoy it. Back home gonna be cold .

I am glad he is doing all he can to enjoy life and doing what he would like to do, I to have just managed a week in Austria, always wanted to go there, it was on my wish list - not knowing how long we are here get in as much as we/he can. Enjoy the sunshine. xx

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salakot in reply to livvyloot

Well do thank you.

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salakot in reply to livvyloot

Thank you livvyloot that's what we're doing, while waiting for his every 3 months scan.


What great hopefulness and gratefullness you display. You're right, we're all living on borrowed time. Make the most of the time you're given is the perfect mind set. My husband was never told specifics on his life expectancy which was a blessing. His treatment was very similar if not identical. God bless you both dear lady.

Pam R

Thank you Pamann247, after all those roller coaster ride, it really open our eyes that sometimes we took for granted all those simple things, We work hard so that we can have a better life until disaster strike, at the moment he enjoy doing fishing and walking along the beach.

Dear Salakot

Thank you for sharing and the encouragement that you have given, you are very right in that no one can say for sure how long someone has and so important to enjoy the time you have. Have a great holiday and enjoy the warmth as it is getting cold here.

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

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