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Lorlatinib for ALK rearrangement

My husband has been on crizotinib, Ap26113, chemo and finally Opdivo which left him deathly sick, Even though his genes were just sequenced at Mass General in Boston and told he needs Lorlatinib, the trials are closed until the fall and he can apply for compassionate care slots at that time. Once you are on Opdivo, you can only get into the trial this way. In the meantime he is failing and will not make it to the fall. Isn't there any compassionate care program for this drug?

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I suggest you contact the developer directly and/or ask your oncology team to do so. Pfizer is it? Are there other trials you can ask about?

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Did it yesterday. Spoke to head of clinical trials. They will try to speed it up but trial has no slots. Going on alectinib to hold us. My dr at Mass General is also helping. Thanks


Dr. Camidge at University of Colorado told me last week that the Lorlatinib trial has just reopened for enrollment. If Mass Gen does not have available slots, other locations might. Best hopes for good treatment results.


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