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Fluid around the heart

I had an echo scan that showed fluid around my heart, the consultant said my heartbeat was strong but would need to consult a cardiologist. I am hoping it is a side effect of chemo permetexed/ carbo as opposed to cancer spreading and that they will give me antibiotics instead of putting a needle in my chest :(.   Has anyone been through this?

  For the last four days I have had fatigue ,only if I push myself a bit too far ie: walk a bit to fast, I get a stomach cramp and vomit is this normal with fatigue? I can't bare it I'm used to walking like a storm trooper! I'm hoping it passes quickly due for next chemo Wednesday. Sorry to go on.

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Hi Giblets, I had an echo scan which showed fluid round my heart. Like you heartbeat is strong and regular, not irregular. So far they seem to be just leaving it. Snap I have chemo next Wednesday too.

I feel very fatigued with lose of appetite.

Take care


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Cancer-related-fatigue (CRF) can be caused by the treatments you have had. It usually improves when the treatment is finished but can sometimes be a long term problem.

You are probably aware sickness can happen in the first days after chemotherapy. Your doctor or specialist nurse may prescribe anti-sickness (anti-emetic)drugs to prevent or control the sickness. Ensure you take the dose as prescribed to get the maximum benefits.

If you are still feeling sick or vomit twice or more in 24 hours, contact your doctor or nurse specialist on the numbers they gave you as soon as you can. They will give you advice and may change the anti sickness medication to one which is more effective for you.

Kind regards,

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Hi I also had fluid around the heart but my doctors called it pericarditis I was treated in hospital with IV antibiotics and after 5 days sent home on oral antibiotics, but after a few days at home I'll wake up and the pain had returned my shoulders and neck and throat all hurt more so when I took deep breaths, all I wanted to do is sleep had no  appetite with hot and cold flushes, the chemo I had- had pretty much destroyed my immune system so it took 3 trips to the hospital to clear this infection +  pneumonia  as a secondary infection, 


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