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I replied to a post here this morning for the first time. I've been diagnosed with lung cancer in April this year and as you can imagine find it hard to come to terms, a fit healthy non smoker, mum to a active 9 year old no symptoms other than a swollen lymph node in my groin, which turns out to have nothing to do with anything. The cancer has already spread to my bones so was a massive shock when the spealist told me this. I'm undergoing chemo and am on the third cycle. One more of this type to go then I think it's a maintenance chemo for a while. I feel a bit of a fraud at times as when I've got over the chemo effects I feel ok. Just to say, I'm not giving up or giving in, I'm trying anything they doctors can give me and here to stay as long as possible. Going for my ct scan next week so that should give me some indication of how things are going. Just hope to stay as well as possible as long as possible. Thanks for listening to my rambles, it's just nice to let things out a bit , and not burden family and friends. Christine.

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Hi Traci, sorry I thought I had replied to you, wishing you're brother in law all the best, thanks for the info I'll take a look. Christine x

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Hi Mrs Cancer

Thanks for the good wishes. That brother in law Traci mentions is my lovely husband who was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma in June this year.

Please don't be afraid to share how you feel with your family and friends. There will be times when you need a hug or a friendly face. If your family and friends don't know your worries they will assume you are doing fine and won't step in to support you.

I've made are point of telling everyone how our journey is going - warts and all! In fact we started a Facebook group so we can keep a large number of friends up to date with how things are going and we find that works well for us. It's helpful to allow friends and family to feel involved in our journey.

Wishing you well



Hi Christine, don't think that you are a fraud as a few of us on this site are going thro various treatments and general look quite well. I am coming to the end of 13 consecutive weekdays of treatment and apart from tiredness and some swallowing problems that really only my wife sees or knows about, apart from my radiotherapy team. In fact I was fit enough to fly up and down to Wimbledon last weekend so I really appreciate when I do feel well as there are enough times when I have and will again feel like s#%!.

once you have your CT results and meet with your oncologist please enquire if there are any suitable drug trials available to you, especially if you live near a major cancer centre. The first thing I asked my oncologist after the new cancer diagnosis was '' is there a trial'' and she is looking at possibly getting me onto once all my treatments are finished.

I have ranted on this site before that it really guts me when this insidious disease affects anyone but when it is a young person with family then it really upsets me. I have had 64 good years and although I intend to fight for a few more years I would willingly trade those so someone younger could have them.

Anyway now you've get me ranting lets back to getting as much information as possible so you can ask all the relevant questions at the next appt, remember to take a note pad or ask to record the meeting on a smartphone. Also remember that your LCN is your friend and ally and will help in any way she can.

Stay well Rab.


Thanks Rab, I will ask at my next meeting about trails, my oncologist has another round of chemo and then a tablet form of chemo after that, that she's tested my tumours for and they are dna compatable. It's such a lot to get your head round. We're hoping to get away after the next chemo for 3 weeks and starting the next chemo when school starts in sept. I can't see a couple of weeks making that much difference, and I think it would do us as a family the world of good. Thanks for your kind words. Christine.


Hi there Mrscancer, I am so sorry to here your news. I have just got over my 2nd lot of surgery for cancer ( lung and adrenal gland) and at the moment feel much better.

I will probably be offered chemo as a safeguard. Like you Its nice to let your feelings out, without bothering family.

I do hope that the chemo helps you.

Take care. xxxxx :)


Hi, glad you're feeling better, and let the chemo blast it away forever. All the best xxx


Hello Christine

Really appreciate the scariness of putting words on a screen. Hopefully you can already see it can be a good thing to do, if and when it is right for you.

As Rab says don't feel like a fraud. One of the tricky things with cancer and lung cancer particularly, is the ideas that we have when we are not affected about what being ill and having lung cancer looks like. It is different for each person affected and each person has their own story and life, disrupted and sometimes shaken by the c word.

Enjoy the days when you are fit and well and carry on with your positive approach to your treatment. It sound as though your medical team are on your side and giving you the best treatment options . Taking a break may well be a good thing for you and will give you the chance to enjoy some family time, recharge the batteries (if you can do those two at once!) and be prepared for September.

Traci makes some good suggestions about resources for children. I am glad to hear your Lung Nurse has been a good resource to you, it makes a difference knowing there are people looking after the practicalities when you need them too.

Do get in touch if you need any information. I am sure you will find the forum members a good source of support, our helpline is here if you need to talk on Freephone 0333 323 7200 option 2.

best wishes to all,


on behalf of Information & Support @ Roy Castle

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Hi at the moment we're playing it very low key with our son, he knows about the cancer and knows the Dr is doing everything he can do to help me get better, I can't bear to tell him anything more at the moment.


ramble all you want christine i have terminal lung cancer gave me 9 to 12months that was about5 months ago so i suppose i wont have to long im 68 yrs old so i havent had a bad innings,hope everything works out for you all the best tom x


Thanks Tom, I'm not giving in , we're all individuals and they can't treat us as a statistic . Take care Christine.

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Stay strong and think positive, best wishes


My very best wishes go out to you, Christine. You certainly sound very upbeat and ready to meet the challenges. My husband has completed his third round of chemotherapy this week. He feels okay except for being quite tired. Please know that you are not alone. Everyone on this site is very kind and encouraging. Don't hesitate to express your true feelings-you have connected with friends! Barbara


Thanks Barbara , I can't think about things too much, I've just got to focus on now at the moment and get though things best I can. I'm glad you're husband isn't having too many side effects, as is resting when he needs to. Christine.


Hi Christine

Welcome to the site. I'm hoping things go well for you. You never know Christine. When you get a chance read Janeys post from 9 hrs. ago. Very uplifting. Try to stay positive. I know thats easy for other people to say. People are truly amazing, how they deal with illness. I had an 11mm squamous cell removed by vats , 2 yrs ago in march. Nothing compared with your diagnosis. Never give up......



Thanks Ruby I'll try and read Janeys post, I'm off for my ct scan today, hope to see no change or improvement would be good. Take care Christine. X


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