Lost the battle

Sadly. My lovely. Man lost his battle. With sclc on the 31st march after 6months wot i can only call Torture. Had 6sessions of chemo then was d to have radiotherpy. But he ended up not being well. Enough. He. Had no quality of life. During the. 6months of diagnosis chemo did not help at all although there wad a good shrinkage after his first ct scan half way three chemo he his now free from the torture and pain he sufferd. The chemo. Hr was on hasnt. Changed in 15years how long had anyonr survied sclc because to me. There was no other treetment only radiotherpy he wadnt eligible. For target therpy. Or immune. Therpy is there ever going to be a cure. For this horrid disease. He wad 65 and fit and wuite healthy until diagnosis. In Sept. 2016 i just hope all you lovely people. Grt a fighting chance. Surely. There is a cure out there someway. Rip my lovely. Man xxx

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  • Lost but not forgotten! I lost my dad too he just made it for 4 months after diagnosis. Lung cancer is a killer. My dad was soo healthy but the last few months he kept sinking. At times i think that it's better that he doesn't have to face this anymore. At times I'm thankful he is at rest and doesn't have to bear the pain. Remember death is a promotion and we will meet one day.

    Till then be strong!

  • Thank you my lovley man. Was also healthy this disease. Robbed him of his mind body and soul he his now pain free in a better. Place. God bless you. Xx

  • So sorry our journey has only just begun but after one round of chemo my husband is really down says he will do the second as then they will scan to see if its working, but not sure he can take much more when we know the outlook is not good. Thinking of all those going through this, keep strong

  • Hi thanks for your reply. Evry. One is diffrent feeling down and emontional anxiety you name it my lovely man sufferd. It all there was no help for this we were. Promised support but didnt get any until his finale couple of weeks. When. The hospice at home nurses and distict nurses. We're. A great support he fought so hard. Bless him he is free. From it all now may your journey go good and god bless you both xx

  • I am so sorry that you have lost your man, it's not a good time for you, especially after seeing him suffer. I too lost my husband of 30 years very suddenly back in 2003, due to heart failure, my world fell apart and I was lonely for years. Since then I've met a lovely man, we have now been together 7 years and 4 years ago I moved counties, leaving all my family behind, and we set up home together, thought now is the time for me to enjoy life, how wrong I was, I have lung cancer and told that it is not curable - to say I spent the first few months being down is an under statement, I am having chemo and feel bad for a week I do have a couple of weeks feeling ok (that's the worst, in myself I do not feel as though I am ill).

    Lets hope that they find a cure soon for this deadly disease so we all have a fighting chance, as like everyone here, I do not want to die this early in life I want to see my grandchildren grow up (my daughter died 2 yrs ago).

    Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us, hoping that we get a few more years at least - is there anyone who has survived a long time?

    Sorry I went on a bit, needed to get it off my chest, my thoughts are with you at this time. x

  • So sorry for you being hit with the unlucky stick like myself. I also lost my mam in January. This yearHas well hope you can stay strong on your. Journey god bless. You xx

  • Why don't they try immunotherapy drugs! The chemo basically killed my husband!! Don't the drs see this happening over & over?????

  • Hi i think the chemo killed my lovley. Man he just got weaker after each one it was like going to dentist wait. In the. q, go in get baged up bag emptied by see you next time do docs no how bad this really is not enuff support. Plenty cuppas but no one there. To support. All the horrid mind games. The unknown my man was told only people with nsclc can have immune. Therpy. And target therpy. Anyone with sclc only get chemo. That hasnt changed for 15years and maybe radiotherory if wrll enuff . My man didnt get that far when will we ever beat this. i pray it can be beat xx

  • Hello There, all you lovely people,

    So very sad to read about the precious people lost here after such a fight and so much pain.

    Jules (on behalf of my mum)


  • I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. I don't have any great words of wisdom but wanted to send you love through the ether. It is a dreadful dreadful disease.

  • Dear Brogan-12

    So very sorry to hear of your loss. At present the treatment options for sclc are chemotherapy and perhaps radiotherapy. Cancer research UK have finished recruiting for a trial of immunotherapy with sclc that has spread, I have placed this link below.


    It is as you know a quick growing cancer, there are currently some trials looking at new treatment options and what is new for sclc. The following website may be of interest



    Ideally it would be great to have early screening detection methods for this cancer, for which research is always looking towards.

    You may find it helpful to find support with- Bereavement and legal Support, their helpline number is 0800 023 5637 or Cruse Bereavement on 0800 808 1677

    If you wish to discuss anything with us , we have a free nurse led helpline number on

    0800 357 7200

    Kind regards

    The Roy Castle Support Team

  • Thank you so much for your reply i just hope theese. New trials will. Benifit all with sclc. I am now in touch with the macmillan suopport teem. But i will be very intetested in keeping up to date with. Sclc thanks again xx

  • So So sorry for your loss....after i lost my wife 2 yrs ago aged 45 after a short 13 week fight with xclc..i was told the same...the main treatments haven't changed in 15 years...and you think of the millions that are pumped into cancer research every year...though lung cancer i feel is the silent killer that doesn't get the same funding as other more well known cancers.....Stay strong Brogan...an on,line hug from all of us on here xxx

  • Tank you so much sorry you list your wife so young my man had just turned 65but. A young 65 always fit and healhty apart from a few isues. Before diagnosis. I totally. Agree sclc is a silent killer and no funding or new treetments go towatds this dreadfull disease. Money. And reserch should be for all cancers. Not just the ones they think they can cure evry cancer is has bad has the next come on reshearches. More help is needed. Hopr your doing ok take care xx

  • Thank you...im getting there xx

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