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Fluid on lung. Lung collapse :'(

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My dad was dx with nsclc stage 3b in feb 2012

He received intense chemo and radiotherapy which shrunk the tumour.

Last year the tumor began growing as well as another spot on the lung and lymph nodes.

He received more chemo which finished the end of last year.

On Tuesday my dad had his ct scan that he has every 3 months.

The doctor saw my dads lung has collapsed and that he has 3.5 litres of fluid. They did nothing and he has to go back tomorrow to find out what will happen.

I am so scared that this means the cancer has spread that this is going to be really bad.

My dad is still carrying on as best he can, he works full time, walks over a mile daily. He is 53 and has tolerated past chemo with no problems.

I just am so scared he will here terminal tomorrow I am so so scared.

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I'm so sorry to here this, keep positive, the professionals now best how to treat it if possible, and there is more chemo, all the best.

Hi Knic,

I'm sorry to hear about your Dad and I hope that you don't receive the news that you are dreading.

Please don't hesitate to use this forum as you need it, as support from patients and carers alike, offers great comfort, as well as practical advice. We also offer a helpline, (0333 323 7200) so please take advantage of all the available services.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.

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dewbery in reply to

hi ho that is not good I would like to ask when you have lung cancer that you all ways get chest infecitions like I do

Hi there

My dad has his appointment today and they are not doing anything just waiting for the onc appointment. Don't sound right to me and I feel so sad and angry.

Hi dewberry it is my dad with lung cancer he has had cold etc not really infections x

Sounds like they don't want to do anything that will interfere with his current treatment.

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