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has anyone experienced hallucinations and fluid on lungs?

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hi there...my father in law was diagnosed with lung cancer a month ago and has been in hospital for the last 2 weeks wi,firstly to have his lung drained and now with an infection...they won't start chemo until the infection is cleared. I wondered if anyone had any experience in this area..the infection is from where he had his lung drained apparently so any similar sotries would be welcome. He is also hallucinating quite a lot and talking about stuff that makes no sense. We have been told that this could be the infection but it is very worrying to see him like this. is it the morphine? the infection? the cancer?

I have been looking for similar situations and eventually thought it easier to ask the question .


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Hi there,

I recommend that you speak to a lung cancer specialist nurse about your father is laws condition. H/She will be able to refer to the case notes for an accurate answer. If you have not met the specialist nurse, ask the ward nurses to contact them on your behalf.

Best wishes,


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thank you Beth...my partner is at the hospital right now trying to find out more..the consultant talks to my father in law which he then relays to us..but we don't know how much of the info is relaible due to his state of mind at the moment. But hopefully we should get some answers today at some point.


Hi, my father also has lung cancer and is always in and out of hospital with chest infections due to his drain, so i know what you are going through and the worry. The best people to speak to are the nurses or the doctor (oncologist). However when my father had his last infection he did hallucinate a lot and this was due to the infection but he also had a urine/bladder infection which is a very common side effect with the right antibiotics it will get better. Keep your spirits high when you are around him, i know that can be hard but it keeps them positive as well.

Paula XXX

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Hi Paula

Our situations seem to be very similar....I wish you lots of luck and hope your dad is lifted by your positivity, despite his discomfort.

Thank you so much for the response

Hi there,

My wife has lung cancer and just recently had a problem with fluid on the lung. she has a

driver conected which delivers 3 types of med`s.

1. is for pain relief which is a morphine substitute

2. is an anti sickness drug

3. is a drug called HYOSCINE this is for the fluid and heavy phlem is has been very helpful for my wife, don`t know if this would help your father-in-law. I think it maybe worth will to ask about it and see what they think. Like the advert for a supermarket every little hlps I hope in can for your father-in-law. Alex

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Hi Alex...thank you for the advise re my father in law. I am pleased your wife found some relief from her phlegm...it is awful to see loved ones in discomfort so a massive plus when something helps.

I wish you and your wife lots of luck and thank you again


Hello, sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I have been diagnosed with lung cancer, and had a build up of fluid on my lung. I went into hospital to have it drained, however, the fluid built up again so the oncologist recommended I had a plurodesis which has been a great success. During this time I experienced hallucinations whilst in hospital. My husband and daughter were very concerned like yourself. I was quite oblivious to my random comments. The medication I was on was called Oxynorm and I put the hallucinations down to this because as soon as I reverted back to morphine the hallucinations stopped. We are all individuals so it is best to talk to the concologist or doctor but if I can help any more please feel free to contact me. x

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Hiya and thank you so much for responding Lulla. I am sorry to hear about your illness but am happy also to hear you had some success with your fluid procedure.

I wish you lots of luck for the future ...thank you again


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