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Tumour has grown!


Hi all!

My mum has been in hospital for a week now with chronic diarrhoea caused by chemo. She had a scan on Wednesday. She has had 3 gruelling rounds of carboplatin & pemetrexed for her stage IV NSCLC. We were delivered the blow on Friday that the chemo hasn't helped at all & the lung tumour has grown quite a bit. We are devastated that it hasn't helped & we're really confident it would at least be stable. Just wondering what next? She is not positive for Alk mutations or the E (can't remember all the letters). We will be seeing the consultant Tuesday after their MD meeting to discuss things. Can anybody please advise me what to expect next?

Thanking you all in advance & sending you all good well wishes for fighting this **** disease!


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Hi sorry to here about your mum I have lung cancer had two sets of 4 diesel of chemo the second lot didn't work I have lost my faith in the nhs and have turned to cannsbis oil and detoxing my body I know it's frowned upon and everyone has different opinions of it, I have had no side effects from taking it and isn't harming me, my regards to u and your mum

Hi Littleannies

Thank you for your reply! I'm sorry to hear that your chemo failed you too! It's devastating & I completely understand you turning to cannabis oil. We have been down that road but unfortunately it made my mum quite sick. However she did use it whilst on chemo so it may be a good idea to try it again. I'm glad to hear that you are tolerating it well & hope that it does you good. It would be great for you to keep us all updated on your progress. I wish you lots of good wishes.

Warm regards


I would just like to add that I am taking a chemo tablet called TARCEVA and other Heathy vitamins, I'm trying to cut my sugar down hopefully all drinking more water. I have a scan in week or so I'll let u know how it goes when I get the results. All the best



Hello 1charliebarney, Not such good news to hear that your mums lung tumour has grown, the medical team in charge of her care will review all test results and her response to treatment so far then discuss with you what they feel would be the next step.

Diarrhoea is unfortunately a side effect of chemo and can be very unpleasant, it is best to try and eat little and often of whatever she feels like and to drink plenty water. A balanced balanced diet is advised with nutritional supplements as required, if you are thinking of drastically changing your diet or taking or using alternative therapies you should always discuss with your medical team.

There are many alternative therapies which members of this community use and have found very helpful in reducing symptoms, these are very interesting and have been discussed in previous threads.

Below is an interesting link form cancer research discussing the benefits and myths of diet in cancer


The section on diet in this post was a response to an earlier post. It has since been removed by Health Unlocked as Spam.

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