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Update on mums tumour growth NSCLC

Not been a great day again! Consultant said that the scan results were not good & that it's not possible to have anymore radiotherapy because it didn't work before & because of the position it's growing. If mums strong enough they may consider a different chemo but the chances of it working are less than 10%. He implied that he didn't think mums body would cope with more chemo though! He more or less said they can't do anything else. We will see him in clinic in early March to talk more.

I'm totally shattered & devastated my mum is my best friend & my soulmate! I feel like they are just giving up on her. Also when looking at hospital discharge papers I found there are a few small secondaries in adrenal & lymph nodes which we have never even been told about. I haven't told my mum about this as I don't want her to give up but is this normal practice withholding information on patients health.

This disease is so devastating & rife as you all know!

My heart goes out to all of you as I know you must know what my family & I are going through! 😭

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Hi so sorry to hear your devastating news. It is rather odd you haven't been told the whole story with the secondary information. Could you try a second opinion with a different onc. ? You may find they look differently at your mum's situation. They sometimes have cancellations so you may be able to see him sooner. Make a nuisance for once. Take a friend or relative with you as you wont remember everything and take notes.

Keeping strong for you both.


Hoggy x


My heart goes out to you too, thanks. I was told I wouldn't be able to stand a biopsy and bronchoscopy but I did. Stay in there and get all the info you can.

Fight for your Mum.



So sorry to hear, do not give up !! Get another opinion if you have not, I am hearing this alot about not being able to do this or that, but always seems there is usually something else that they can do.

Good luck to your mom and to you .

Updates please.. We all care. Stay strong?..




Thank you all so much for your kindness! I do intend to find out about a second opinion at The Royal Marsden! I intend to fight my hardest! I will keep u all posted!



Good luck with your second opinion at Royal Marsden. Maybe a clinical trial with immunotherapy drugs would be easier than traditional chemo. Keep pushing for the best treatment.


This must be devastating news for you. I am sure the medical staff have your mums best interests at heart.If you have had input by your local Clinical Nurse Specialist it might be helpful to contact her/him and arrange an appointment to meet to discuss your concerns. They will if necessary liaise with the consultant and respond to any issues you may have about your mums treatment.If we can be of any help please contact us at Information and Support Services 0333 323 7200 (option 2).

Kind regards.


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