Day of Reckoning

Today is the day we find out if mum's cancer has progressed and what the next step is on this tough journey. All we can hope for is that the cancer hasn't spread/grown anymore than it had in January.

Mum seems to be preparing for her passing (although I don't think she realises that we know what she's doing). She has taught dad too use the washing machine (nobody has ever been allowed to use her washing machine other than her haha) she has also had him ironing which in 46 years of being together is another task he's never done. Thankfully he's already a really good cook.

During quiet times I have played over in my head the conversation I may have to have with my youngest sister and brother (neither of whom come to any of mums appointments as it upsets them too much). This, along with what I may have to tell my two children, makes my heart very heavy.

I hope I can tell you all good news later.


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  • Hope it's good news for you all today... Will b thinking if you x


    Mum's cancer is in remission or as the consultant put it "asleep". I dont think anything could wipe the smile of mine and my families faces today. xxxxx

    Thanks Lou for your message xx

  • Oh that is fantastic news. So pleased for you, her and your family. xx

  • That's the kind of news we all like to hear. :)

  • So happy to hear your great news xx

  • FANTASTIC NEWS! Make sure you celebrate together this weekend :D x

  • So, so pleased for you all. That is such good news.

    Sandra x

  • Wonderful news. Guess your mum gets to 'hog' the washing machine a bit longer

  • That's wonderful news, I bet your mum will be Back in charge of the washing machine and the ironing lol x hope you are all going to have a celebration this weekend?

    So pleased for your mum and your family. Xx

  • Happy news - just make sure that all your days with your mum are happy forever.....xx

  • That is such wonderful news, I am totally delighted for you all. The horrid conversations you had gone through in your head can now go away and be replaced with happy, joyful ones. May your whole family enjoy this wonderful news together . With love Tallulah x

  • Thank you all so much for your lovely words. We will be enjoying every minute of every day from here on in. Bad thoughts are gone and happy ones have replaced them.

    Love to you all

    Deb x

  • That is great news. i hope you all enjoy this happy and wonderful news together. Donna x

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