Hi all. After 1 shot of palliative radiotherapy to her left lung for nsclc (with brain mets) and dexamethasone mum has improved greatly so

she has been offered chemo treatment with pemetrexed. She has a week to decide. Has anyone had this and how did it go for you?. I am looking for others opinions of this before we decide. We have not been told much at all such as if it will give her more time or what happens with no chemo. Waiting to talk to the macmillan nurse, any advice please?


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6 Replies

  • Hi nicky ,my 57 year old husband stage 4 nsclc with mets on bone, spine, hips and lymph nodes, had 4 first line treatments of chemo. Following a partial response he is now on permextred as a maintenance and is just about to start his 5th cycle of this next week. His last scan showed he was stable. He has good quality of life, is taking regular walks and I have no doubt this is buying us more time. Everyone responds differently in this situation. I hope in consultation with all the medics you come to a decision that is right for your mum. Stay strong.

  • Thank you for replying. Just a bit more time would be great so here's hoping that her response is along the same lines. All the best for your husbands fight. Xxx

  • Hi Nicky, my mum has nsclc stage 4 and has 4 first line treatments she too like florries husband is now on pemetrexed as a maintainence dose and is too said to be stable . She has a great quality of life dance classes twice a week, decorating ! Can't stop her ! She has tolerated it well just a little nausea and dry eyes but that's about it ?

    I wish you all well with whatever you choose x

  • Hi madalyn. That's great news about your mum, here's hoping that any response for my mum is as positive. Thank you for replying, all the best xx

  • Hi I only had pemetrexed/Alimta with Cisplatin and its the cisplatin that's the awful stuff.Alimta is not too bad.The aim will be to reduce the tumours or hold it at bay.The gamble is doing nothing.Personally I will give anything a try.Best wishes.Julie x

  • Hi Julie thank you for replying. I agree with you, it's a gamble to do nothing and even if not a reduction I'd take holding it back,My mum is just 56. All the best with your own mission too, Nicola x

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