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At last Hurrah

Well I have just taken the last tablet involved in my chemotherapy regime hurrah. I found it pretty tough going over this past 12 weeks but I'm hopeful that it will be worthwhile in the long run. I have a CT scan in 2 weeks and meeting with my oncologist a week after that to review things. But don't feel sorry for me I did get a round of golf in on Friday, mind you I looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and needed my smartphone calculator to keep score by the time I'd finished. So onwards and upwards to whatever is next.

Happy Mayday Holiday everyone.

Cheers Rab.

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Good luck Rabbie with CT results, fingers and all crossed for youx


Well done Rab! Have a lovely day today and I hope you have a good result from your chemo. Julie x


Well done over the last 12 weeks.Lets hope you get some good news from the oncologist.



Good for you I needed a calculator for my golf score even before I had cancer,hope ct results are a hole in one

Good luck


Well done Rabbie on completing 12 weeks of chemo hope you get good news when you see oncologist.

Good Luck

Margaret x


good luck Rabbie....go get em x


Fingers and toes crossed here, Rabbie.

Hope there are many hours on the golf course in the sunshine to come. Probably it will be good post-chemo rehab.


Lorraine and all the team


Good luck Rab and I would also need a calculator for my golf at the moment, chemo brain and all xxxx


Glad it's over for you. Hope the CT results are good x


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