A Great Start!

Just had to share my good news from todays' visit to my oncologist. My tumour has shrunk from 6cm to 2cm in 3 weeks!! I went to see him not really expecting any change and just thought it would be a routine check to see how I was coping with the treatment.The registrar who I saw was amazed at the results. I know it's early days but this really gives me great hope for the future.

I am one of the 10% of people who have the EGFR mutation and I have been taking Iressa now for 3 weeks. The main side effects I have had have been acne and an itchy scalp but I can't really complain about that when it seems to be working so well.

As I am feeling so well I have decided to go ahead with the holiday which I was unsure about taking when I got my diagnosis last month. I can really look forward to it now with today's news.

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  • Excellent news. :)

    Bill x

  • Really good news and enjoy your holiday, you certainly deserve it.



  • thats great news.

    its good to hear of good results with iressa.

    my nana is 5 weeks in to taking it, she is having a ct scan at 8 weeks and i hope she has good news like you.

    like you nana has very itchy scalp, do you use any paticular reams or lotions to help, we have been

    using e45 itch relief on nana.

    have a fantastic holiday

    nancy x

  • I have changed my shampoo and conditioner to the Simple range which has halped a bit

  • Hi Nancy,

    try Aveno (available from boots, you may even get it on prescription) it is really good for the skin if taking Iressa. Side effects minimal as they are do calm down too, Mine were virtually gone after 6 months.

    Hope your nana is doing welll X

  • Such wonderful news. Amazing results in just 3 weeks. It's always so nice to hear positive posts. I hope the future remain to be good for you x

  • Fantastic news and enjoy your well deserved holiday : )

  • brilliant news! x

  • Fantastic news! Welcome to the Iressa club! I've been taking it for 16 months, my tumour went from 11cms to collapsed and immeasurable and seems to be staying that way. Go on that holiday and start living. I've been to Menorca, Spain twice, Cannes, Jamaica and just toured round the USA since my diagnosis, off to Mexico in October.

    There is a bright future out there X

  • Fantastic news indeed! Enjoy your holiday! X

  • Fantastic news indeed! Enjoy your holiday! X

  • Excellent news, very pleased for you


  • Hi Suesal,

    I am like you positive for EGFR. And I have just started on Iressa 5 days now. I have a exema type rash around my mouth and a little rash on my arm. I showered this morning and my arms started to burn. I loved your Good News! Wishing you all the Best!

    I just wanted to ask I am on 250mg tablets not sure if there are different strengths or only he one? X

  • I don't know if there are different strengths but mine are 250mg as well. The doctors did say that the possible side effects were acne and a rash. I have had the acne all round my chin and mouth but it seems to have settled down this last week. I also have an itchy scalp. They did recommend using shower & shampoo products which didn't have perfume or alcohol so I have been using the Simple products and someone else on here has recommended Aveeno products.

    Hope you have similar good news - be sure to let us know xx

  • Great news! So pleased for you. Have a well deserved holiday x

  • Great news, my dad is just having a break after 3 months chemo and dr said when we go back in october he can start on tarceva, hope he gets good results too, keep up your good work xx

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