Hi, my husband was diagnosed with sclc last august and was told its inoperable. He's hadchemo and radio but is suffering terribly with bre

My husband was diagnosed last august with sclc also in the lymph nodes. Non operable. He has had four rounds of chemo and four weeks if radiotherapy to chest lung and brain. At the moment he us suffering with a lot of breathlessness especially at night. It's awful to watch and barring steroids what else can I help him with. He was offered steroids but refused them as he says they make him sick. He thinks his cancer has spread but we don't have another ct for another two weeks. I suppose it's normal to feel like that. We were never given a prognosis but we know that sclc is not good. Just wondered if anyone else has been through all this. I'm so worried. Thanks for listening.


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  • He can tell Dr he would like the scan sooner... I did due to pain, glad I did as cancer spread was found..... on my case probably not the same as your husband....just saying you have to be an advocate for.your own healthcare wishing luck to him...... M M

  • Hi Battybev

    I took a minimal dose of steroids and it helped my breathlessness greatly. As Merilee said get an earlier CT scan and make sure you take someone else with you to see the oncologist with hubby to make notes and any questions you need answered.

    Hoggy x

  • Thanks Hoggy, I will see if I can get him to reconsider the steroids. He just didn't like the ones he took post chemo. X

  • Hi

    It isn't generally known but Boswellia will do a similair job to steroids. Boswellia us the edible form of Frankincense. Your doctor of oncologist can't prescribe, you would need to buy from health food shop.

  • Hi Battybev, I'm sorry to hear about your husband. My husband was diagnosed around the same time, nsc squamous. Has the hospital offered any other treatment for the breathlessness? We've been told by the consultant that if they get their job right breathlessness and pain should not be an issue. It may be worth speaking to the hospital about alternatives to steroids. We have a really good GP we often talk to him about pain, breathlessness etc, he's been very helpful.

    We didn't ask for a prognosis but, following a flare up of tumours in my husbands spine spotted this week, we decided it was time to face up to it. The consultant was honest and kind and we now know the likely lifespan (6m), oddly we feel better for knowing. It also allowed David a chance to ask about what will happen to him and put his mind at ease.

    Everyone is different and knowing might not be right for you, it helps to talk about it together.

    Kate xxx

  • Thankyou Kate. No we haven't been offered anything for the breathlessness. Oncologist offered only steroids but my hubby declined. He says they make him feel sick and bloated. Think we may try to push the ct scan sooner for perhaps some piece of mind. Last ct post chemo was good. . had radiotherapy since that. He is however complaining of back pain/ ache in the area of the back of the lungs. It's all so stressful. I try to be strong however at the moment I'm not so strong myself. Thankyou again for listening. Xx

  • Morning Battybev,

    My husband has sclc to, he gets breatheless when having chemo, he does take 10mgs of steriod, which his reduced to 5mg. His breathing is so much better now.

    If you husband doesn't want to take steriods , I would try looking at Alternative remedies for breathelessness.

    With any sort of cancer, NO doctor really knows how long that person has (Kates_cat) as everyone is different , My husband was told he had 3mths to live that he wouldn't be here in January, well his still here and going strong and feeling better, I know my husband is a strong willed man, also I know a lady who had Breast cancer she was told she had 3mths to live, 10yrs later she still here. Never give up hope, stay strong & pray :-)

    Sending Healing Prayers your way xx

  • Thankyou. I'm trying. Xx

  • Hi

    It must be a difficult time for you and your husband. There are other treatments such as physiotherapy where breathing exercises can help this symptom. It would also be worth visiting your G.P who should be able to give you advice and offer other medications. It may also be worth getting in contact with your CNS for some support and advice . I'm sure other people on healthunlocked community will be of help too.

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