im winning slowly

well these last 3 weeks have been a real bad time for me these pimple type rash has taken over even trying to pop and dad them is hard cause their coming farster than before thier is not one inch of my body that doesn;t have a mark on it and its realy been depressing and sore if it wasn;t for my good lady wife i don;t think i would have made it ,it got that bad but i did last long enought to see the doc , my onc and got the good news all is stable ,what a relief wow after all the fliuds build up and 2 stayes in hospital and that last scan when they did my head( first time ) gave me that horrible what if question that we all know doesn't have an answer, so the good news is i get two weeks off the tarceva and more pills to combat the rash that has ingluffed my body big time head to toe and it seems to love anywhere that has hair, i look like a spotted kid with chicken pox except these are just narsty when you get one or 10 on your bum and it painfull to sit down ,but 2 weeks and a strong course of antibiotics will help ,so i get to fight on , still trying to work ,its a good way to get back to a normal day and get some people interaction

this helps ,will be taking a few days off to get on top of the rash throw hard to work when you have trouble bending your knees cause their full of sores , i have a great boss/owner , and thats a great help,so my life goes on ,thats for reading my rants just trying to get it outa my head

live long and enjoy frank

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  • Tough times Frank but yes absolutely rant on but as you say 'live long' I'm seeing my oncologist this morning to find the results of my first ct after my first 3 rounds of chemo. Scary times. ' never give in never give up' All the very best Christine

  • Good luck today Christine. Hope all goes well for you 😊


  • Thanks ruby, my oncologist didn't have ct official report, precise measurements etc, but says from her interpration things look to have reduced. Last intense chemo on Tuesday, then we're of on holiday until the end of August, traveling through France , Italy and Austria, can' t wait. No hospital visits for a month, hooray , oh to feel normal for a while at least. Planning pemetrex chemo as maintainable starting September . Take care everyone. Christine😍

  • Sounds promising Chistine.

    Thats always a good thing.

    Sounds like a great vacation . Hope you'll tell us about it, when you return. Maybe even some photos ?


  • Enjoy!!!!


  • i hope you get great results , we all know the highs and lows ,its good to get it out , all the best .


  • Hi Frank just come to the end of 23 months of Tarceva and started Docetaxel. Are you still on 150mg? I dropped to 100mg after a couple of months to reduce side effects and you can drop lower. It doesn't seem to affect whether its working or not. Hope you get some relief and ask for a reduction in dose.

    Best wishes


  • hi julie yes still on the 150 mg tablet but i get 2 weeks off then 5days on 2 days off for the next 9to 10 weeks then more scans ,only the second day off and i can see less already so its a moral booster ,i;ll take anything at the moment ,its the small thing that sometimes help.

    thanks for your thoughts .

    live long and enjoy


  • Good suggestion Julie, dose alteration does work well for some people. Enjoy your treatment break Frank and perhaps ask your Doc about dose when you go back.

    Christine good luck with the last chemo and enjoy your holidays. Sounds like a fab trip and a well deserved break from hospitals, hopefully you can leave "Mrs Cancer" at home for a bit.

    best wishes to all


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

  • You've certainly had a tough time with the rash Frank, hopefully now with the antibiotics things will start to improve. I think Julie's suggestion about reduced Tarceva dosage may be something to check out.

    Cheers Rab.

  • i did read on this forum that the worse the rash the better it works ,well yes that is true the body explells the toxins but the normal is maybe 20 to 30 pimples a day i got the extreme 100 to 200 a day ,popping them worked for a while while i was on antibiotics for the toes after 7 week the gp doc stop them and wammy i got a massive amount of pimplie and just didn;t stop ,i just made the oncs day ,realy bad time for me but he says things are good so i get to have this break ,i realy needed it to , thanks for your thoughts

    live long and enjoy

  • Hi Frank glad your condition is stable but so feel for you with the pimple rash explosion. Hope you get rid of the rash soon and glad your wife is helping you through this. Sending huge hugs to you and your wife. Elaine 😊

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