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Pet Scan results are back

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PET Scan Results are now back and showing two cancers, worst possible news i wanted to hear Monday 18th March, i had wrote a article 2 weeks ago on this topic. I have COPD and on Oxygen for activity In 2016 September 12th I had a left lung lobectomy bottom half removed , because of two cancers on bottom of lung, operation was successful, recovered from that, i also have fibrosis and emphysema ,

The suggested course of treatment is Radiotherapy, problem is it is the treatment which will scar a proportion of my lung and make my breathing worse with having to use Oxygen continuous, where at present i use it for activity. so yes can get rid of he cancer ,but will be left with even more breathing problems,

so i have decided to have CT scans every 3 months and see if the cancers get considerably worse , than make a decision on treatment of Radiotherapy, it is about quality of life at present , this has hit me very hard , how do we cope with this type of news ? have any one had this treatment on there lungs , just wondering the damage radiotherapy it has caused to others, would be interesting to hear. wish i could be more positive

thank you

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So sorry to hear about your bad news. I have no experience with radiation therapy. I had R upper and middle lobes removed and that did have a significant impact on my functioning, so I understand a bit .

Guy, So sorry to hear this. You are processing some difficult news. I think asking for others to share their experiences with radiotherapy is very helpful. Giving yourself a couple of months before another scan will also give you the time to make the best treatment decision for you. I believe in being positive but can understand why that is hard right now. Since I only did chemo and targeted drugs, I can’ t help you out with info on other treatments. Just wanted you to know how much I am pulling for you and will keep you in my thoughts,


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Guy59 in reply to Ncpoet

Hi , thank you kindly , only 3 days now , still very raw with me

I am very sorry that you are having to deal with this again. I have never had radiotherapy, so I can't advise on that, but I do have emphysema and have lost both right and left upper lobes to lung cancer, so I do understand that concern. After the second LC surgery I came home on oxygen 24/7, but after a few months of healing I was off of it. Now the lowest my oxygen level seems to drop to is 96, but a few deep breaths brings it back up to 98 or 99.

I was very lucky that both times my LC was found early before it had a chance to spread.

I do still use the oxygen overnight, but that's only because I have sleep apnea. My breathing would get so shallow that my oxygen level would drop into the 70's. I was fine with the cpap machine, but I can no longer use it because exhaling against that incoming air pressure has gotten too difficult for me.

I wish you the best.

Hi thanks for reply ,with Oxygen I am 95 at rest, sound like you have had a tough time


Thank you, but I figure it is what it is. Besides, there are many, many people who have a much tougher time.

I had my right upper lobe removed in Jan. 2017 follows by 4 sessions of chemo (cisplat and Altima). Standard treatments for my adenocarcinoma. Dec. 2018 had 3 treatments of SBRT. The radiation was not as bad as the surgery or chemo. My breathing is labored but no more so than prior to radiation. My breathing issues are a fact I have to deal with. Not on oxygen yet but see that in my future perhaps. I do use 2 inhalers, trelogy and albuterol. This is not a sexy, cool disease by any means. I can relate to your struggles. I am currently under a 3 month watch for monitoring growths. I go again for Pet scan and consult at the end of this month. More growth = more radiation.

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Guy59 in reply to Stillbiking

Hi thanks for reply, I found out I cannot have SBRT due to one lesion being close to my aorto. Good luck with scan , such troublesome times

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My lungs are scarred from the radiation, yes. How large are the lesions? Did you ever learn about the genomic testing? SBRT and IMRT cause less scarring than traditional radiation get a second opinion and ask about them.

If the lesions are smaller than 1cm, waiting 3 months and retesting is the best idea. There are many things that can cause nodules to happen including allergies, illness and exposure to fumes.

Hi Denzie

1 lesion is close to my aorto so will not do a SBRT, lesion 12 mm other 1 is less but he won't give a size , not aware what genomic testing is ?


Hello Guy59

Sorry to hear this rotten news for you. I've not had radio either but there will be people on here to give you their experiences and information. I think a wait and watch plan is down the best route. I still have a nodule but may have been here since the year dot on my upper right lobe but certainly had it for 8 years. I am regularly monitored for it and as I am not in any pain with the nodule just carry on regardless. Wasn't that a Barbara Windsor film.

Thinking of you Guy.

Keep strong.

Best wishes

Hoggy x

it certainly was :) and thank you

I had a tumor on my right lung, which was cancerous. I also have COPD. Because of it I chose to have radiation Instead of surgery. I had 5 treatment of radiation. It shrunk it enough that I don't have to go back for 6 months. I'll have a CAT scan then. (I misplaced my papers with the shrinkage amount)

Good Luck


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