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Well its been 2 years carboplatin and alimta stopped working. Tried opdivo didn't work. Now on taxotere and something that starts with an R first 3 months shrunk tumors ct scan last week nothing new no growth stable. So far dr pleased with results. Mri for brain 16 new baby tumors whole head radiation. 3 months later tumors gone no new growth. Chemo has bad side effects but getting through them.

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Hi Pandora, sounds like we are on the same treatment, Taxotere and Ramucirumab (Cyramza). This is my second line of treatment and I just finished my 10th round. So far so good, next scan on the 21st. We did need to lower the dose of Taxotere 20% once because of low WBC counts and if scans are good, will lower another 5%. Last scan showed excellent response to treatment. Pleural effusion and lymph nodes were clear of any metabolic activity and lung tumor shrank with very little activity. I find this combo easier than Carbo/Alimta. Hope it continues to go well for you.


Yes we are. 6th treatment for me i get fatigued, throat hurts and nails pulling from nail beds. Doctor happy with results hoping to reduce some by the scan.


Thank you for sharing this not just because it will bring someone hope but, because many are still believe that there are diminishing returns with subsequent lines of treatment and that’s just not true.


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