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If theres anybody out there that is suffering with the embarrassing problem of piles, and your worried of going through the options of the procedures that are available in the UK at the present time and due to the horror stories and have chosen to opted out because this, I don't blame you, I had mine banded, and it put me off for life, the banding procedure left me in so much pain and I never wanted anybody to look down there again, then I discovered Ultroid UK, it changed my life completely, because of the brand new treatment that is now available here in the UK, and its pain free, I I'm now free of piles completely (brilliant amazing) I was shocked at the result, It took around 30 minuets, and there was no pain. The Dr place a probe at the base of the pile, with a low voltage current, it was a little bit uncomfortable due to having a tube stuck my bottom, it felt like I needed a bowl motion.

I had three large internal piles all shrunk by 50% during the procedure with instant relief and then about 10 days later they were all gone, and now I live a normal life with no pain or bleeding what so ever, they have completely gone. So if you would like more info let me know.

I suffered for 20 years and just lived with them and now I don't

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Can you send me details pls or link to the site where doc practises. Thanks


How much? Thanks


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