Day 2, 3, 4, post op,

Hello I wrote these nearly 2 weeks ago but they have got lost in other replies so I am re writing so everyone can see all my posts.

Day 2 after my surgery and no pain at all again, this has truly been a breeze I am so happy I do believe it may have worked too as I haven't had my stocking on since Tuesday, its Thursday now and although I am not walking around much I do believe it would have swelled more if I had been standing even this short time with no stocking, I really was so worried about this procedure but want to put anyones mind at ease, The surgeons all 3 Professor Furniss, Mr Ramsden and Mr Gore are just so down to earth and such lovely guys, I had a wonderful anaethetist called Mr Simon Rabbi, poor man fell off his bike on his way to work this morning but still he was so professional in his manner although I am sure in pain from his fall, I feel so happy not to be wearing my awful stocking which was my best friend but now I no longer want to be friends, ;-) fingers and toes crossed this has worked.

Day 3.....Today I have not needed paracetomal and feeling really good, the swelling has stayed at bay too, just a small amount on the inside of my ankle, and its only slight, the good test is pushing the thumb into your skin and before I had a definite dent ,that's gone now yippee, I really hope this is soon available on the NHS for people a lot worse off than I am with their Lymphoedema, it is amazing this can be done with great results here to the future for lymphoedema suffers.

Day 4.....I was sick this morning not sure if that is the after effects of the anaethetic or the anti biotics, what ever it was I felt better after, again no swelling maybe a bit but I have now got my leg higher than my heart, my best friend came to see me and told me off for not having it high enough. still feeling good and only 1 more day of antibiotics, had no infection so far touch wood, but I am taking the as they say without food,.getting bored now though Much love xxx

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  • Thank you for sharing your journey I’m glad to hear it is going well x

  • Hi there! Keep us updated it looks amazing! Can I ask how bad the lymphadema was before the surgery?

    Many thanks

  • Hello yes I was 11% bigger overall in the lower left leg than my right leg, which I don't think is huge but if I left the stocking off for longer it would swell more. I seemed to have more swelling around my ankle before the operation though.

  • Thanks for the reply. Is that price just for 1 leg because I have it in both legs wondered if it would be more

  • gosh that's a really good question I'm not sure to be honest, Kate who is the surgeons secretary would be able to tell you.

  • Hi, me again from Los Angeles. I was looking for any posts from you and since I didn’t see any I thought I would ask how things are going. I know for me it was amazing how quickly I felt disconnected form the online forums. It started to seem like I didn’t have lymphedema anymore and all the issues of caring for it didn’t apply to me.

  • Hello, I'm sorry I haven't written anything recently, to be honest I was getting a bit disheartened as when I started to move around more the swelling seemed to come back as bad as before I had it done. but today I was going to put another post up as its gone down again and I am so happy now again, its reduced in size for sure. I think the lymphatics are all starting to work again, it will be very interesting to see if I can go without my stocking, which I know wont be till at least February when I go back for my first check up. I am really pleased with the results now, I had my stitches out no problem there were 23 altogether plus extra that were dissolvable, I still have steri strips over the scars till Friday then I will take them off, I have some special gel that my mum bought me to rub on the scars, I will let you all know the name of it. I think I overdid it over the weekend as our daughter turned 21 and lots over at ours. but now I am up and about its settled down and measuring my leg it is less than before I had the operation, by half inch. whoop whoop

  • It is very early on so don’t get discouraged! When I newly out of surgery one of my therapists had to remind me that it takes a while for the anastomoses vessels to learn how to do their new job and it can take many months to see the effect. I still remember the up and down emotions during that period. I would try to rmind myself to be patient but I was so despondent when it would seem to get bigger and then jubilant when it looked a little smaller. But at the end of the first three months I started to get more secure because i was starting to realize that It would only get a little bit bigger and then it would go back down. So it was fluctuating in a very small range like it had before surgery only it was within a smaller size for the up and the down than before.

  • Wow thank you for that information, I feel loads better, I am really positive it has worked as they all had a lot of confidence at my operation being a success, now I know I need to be more patient, thank you so much

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