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4 weeks and 2 days post surgery. all going really well :-)

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Hello everyone, I am sorry ive not been updating, not much to tell really, I believe this procedure takes time to work but 4 weeks down the line I really believe mine has worked, my leg measurements are definitely less than before, and my leg doesn't feel as tight, I had the stitches out all 22 of them plus the top wound had dissolvable ones which weren't removed. once they were out I put dressing on them just to protect them from rubbing on my clothes and today is the first day ive not put anything on my 2 lower leg wounds and I'm wearing my stocking and its not rubbed, so I feel like I am getting back to normal now, I am doing everything apart from my exercise, which I think I will start in 10 days, I am very excited of the outcome of this procedure, and excited to see if when I leave the stocking off whether my leg will swell, I don't think it will as I sometimes cant sleep at night and when I come downstairs I don't put my stocking on and it doesn't swell, where as before it did slightly. now there is nothing, the whole procedure has been so good for me personally and I would hightly recommend this, but the surgeons wont do you unless they think you have a really high chance of success. I do hope it becomes available soon I am sure it will eventually.

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Great stuff,it is so good to hear of procedures that make such a positve difference.i am 8 months past lyposuction and like yourself i am dwlighted with my legs,reduction has remained and i now have near normal shape in my leg and can enjoy wearing normal sized clothes.Keep posting your progress and hope someday you can throw out your garment.Take care xlinda

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Hi there

Glad to here you have had a positive result from liposuction

Where did you have this done? I suffer from primary lymphodema in my right leg. I’ve tried with no success to have it done.

Wishing you well and continuing good results x

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After the doom that was widespread at the Britain Against Cancer conference, using effective, top-class private care to top-up where NHS can't provide, is definitely the way forward. Thanks for this up-date - I hope to move to Oxford soon and a visit to this centre is high on my list.

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Hi 123 so glad you are seeing some results from the surgery as it gives us all hope! Can I ask was it done under a local anaesthetic etc and was there any pain? Also hard to remain still for all that time I would imagine!

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hello Hashi too, I am a bit of a wimp when it comes to anything medical so I did ask for a general, I didn't have a clue about anything it was a really great experience, no pain to be honest I only took paracetomal for 2 days after.

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Oh I didn't know you can have a general ! Does that mean you have to stay overnight ? How's it going? I am thinking when it's hot in the summer that will be the real test on how it's worked lymphadema seems to be so much worse then!

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hello, I didn't stay in overnight, I came back home around 8pm I had the operation at 9am. its all going really well, ive done quite a lot of walking on my leg as weve been away for 5 days, and its swollen slightly but still not as bad as before, it takes time for this operation to start working but I am happy with my results so far and only hope it will get even better with time, the proof will be when I start leaving my compression stocking off, that will be around February when I have my first check up.

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Hi 12345- I am now 3 weeks post leg LVA in the States. I was instructed to use an elastic bandage for the first 4 weeks at 10mm pressure. This low compression is not enough to keep my leg from swelling when walking around so over Christmas holiday my leg got quite swollen. What type of stocking did you begin to use at 4 weeks post op?

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hello Lerun, I did just use a light bandage at the beginning then after 3 or 4 weeks I think it was I went into my class 1 compression stocking, I have been in that ever since, and it is now 7 weeks since my operation, it has swollen slightly over the Christmas break as I have been on my feet loads and not elevating as much as I should.

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Hello Lerun, how are you doing are you pleased with your results.

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I was doing pretty good until yesterday evening when I got cellulitis again. I was hoping that the LVA would prevent the infections..... this is the 4th time in 6 months. On the bright side, the infection is confined to my upper leg above my anastomoses and I don’t think I will go septic as I usually do.

Prior to yesterday my leg was doing pretty good. My incisions have finally quit leaking and I even started running again .... 5 minutes very slow. My calf is about 2 cm smaller in circumference in the mornings although I still swell during the day. I was told that i will continue to improve over the next 6 months.

How are you doing?

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Hi 12345- I’m thinking to go to Oxford to have consultation about surgery and I wanted to ask how you feel now after almost 7 months post surgery and if you could update on how your Lymphoedema improved since then?

Thank you for sharing your experience, it really helps to fight this diagnose..

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Hello VladaB I have updated my post, its really exciting, I wish you all the luck in the world, its worth a trip and the £650 just to find out if you are suitable as you will always be wondering, im so happy I decided to go ahead with it, but they will be honest with you as they inject a dye into your foot near your toes, (it doesn't hurt at all) and that lets them see how good your lymphatics are and whether you are suitable or not, fingers crossed for you. xxxx

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I was told it would hurt but it didn't and I am the biggest wuss, I think they must have put something on to numb it,

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