Where to buy Sigvaris cotton compression stockings online in the UK - but at a reasonable price

Hi. I am new here, but not to lymphoedema , I have this condition for more than 15 yrs ( when I was 40). I live outside the UK and have been using Sigvaris since my condition started (class 2 knee high and thigh high on those days when I stand on my feet the whole day).

In the past year and half, the prices of all imported stuff in my country skyrocketed (I mean more than 250% ) including these stockings. Now I will be visiting my son for a week in the UK who is studying there and i would like to order online some Sigvaris stockings ahead so that I can take back home with me.

I have looked at daylong.co.uk , healthandcare.co.u and compressionstockings.co.uk but at all these retailers the stockings were nearly 50 pounds which is too much and I will not be able to buy more than one pair.

I will be buying privately as I do not have insurance.

So my question was does anybody know a better priced online retailer for Sigvaris.

Thank you in advance for your help

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  • Not in the UK - daylong is the sales provider for Credenhill. I do not know if Sigvaris will retail direct - you could try? sigvaris.com/uk/en-uk/produ...

  • Thank you. I have already contacted Sigvaris and they do not sell directly. Thank you for your kind answer

  • I have bought from Sigvaris in the past,I am in the UK though. I have tights on prescription and have also bought tights and stockings from Sigvaris.

  • Thank you. From where did you buy? Do you have a Web link please. Thank you again.

  • I just rang them on 01264326666.


    They’re not cheap though,I find Sigvaris is one of the more expensive brands and their prices have increased,I think class one tights are now ninety plus pounds.

  • Thank you

  • Could you register as a temp patient with your son's GP and request them that way?

    [I'm not suggesting anything illegal...!]

  • Thank you. I will have to look into that.

  • Unlikely that a GP would issue a prescription for garments to a temp resident. They will treat for acute infection or pain control or suggest referral to A&E.

  • Yes, I realise a long shot but maybe a short cut to BUYING them? if you don't ask....!

  • Thank you

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