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Jobst Elvarex made to measure knee length socks

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I've had these for about the last six years. Up to the ones I'm currently wearing they took around two weeks from prescription to receiving them. The current pair, for which I was measured 10 months ago, took 10 weeks, and I've been waiting for a new pair for over 8 weeks. I've just been to the local pharmacy to ask them to contact the manufacturers. Up until this new pair they were open-toed. The new pair will be closed toe.

My local pharmacy can take an age with normal repeat medication, like statins and anticoagulants, so I'm wondering where the delay is. What is other people's experience of this?

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Have a chat with the team at - they can arrange for your GP to send the prescription to them, they process it then post it direct to you. You should then be able to order on repeat prescription.

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Kelmisty in reply to Lynora

I’m using daylong for the first time and still waiting for my Jobst made to measure but they did say there were some errors with the prescription and needed to correct with GP.

But all other three items came through very quickly.

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it’s the pharmacy. I’ve had four Jobst Elvarex M2M prescriptions in the past two months reach me in 10 days from date GP sending script to dispensary. I always use Daylong specialist compression dispensary.

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I've had multiple problems with my local pharmacist ordering my compression garments; they were forever finding new ways of getting it wrong!

Last year my lymphoedema nurse signed me up with Patient Choice (an independent Dispensing Appliance Contractor for NHS presciptions) who process and send me my garment orders; so far it's worked out much better than with my pharmacy:

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Thank you to you all for your suggestions. I will investigate Daylong, and try them out the next time, which won't be until October. The pharmacist at Boots, which is in the same building as the Medical centre I go to said that it was "normal" for them to take 12 weeks to supply. I told him that they used to come in about a fortnight. My legs are longer than most people but it's just a matter of feeding measurements into a computerized knitting machine so it shouldn't take long .

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I have had a similar experience to you, so I won't bore you with the finer details. I have approx 6 months between clinic appointments since Covid entered our lives, and even with the clinic's intervention it took 10 weeks for my latest stockings to come. Also, I used to get (have been going to the clinic for about 5 years) 2 new pairs after each appointment, now it's one, as I say, every 6 months and with huge delays. When you have to wear them every day that's not very satisfactory. i wouldn't mind buying more of my own, if it's really too much to ask from NHS, but I can't seem to get an answer as to how I would go about this. Sorry I have nothing practical/helpful to offer for your predicament - if it's any consolation, I feel better for knowing I am not suffering alone! Good luck going forward.


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Thomas45 in reply to yorkiebee2

Thnks yorkiebee2, my prescription was for 2 pairs. I use a Boots Pharmacy built underneath the Medical Centre (which is on a hill), in West Yorkshire. I shall be trying Daylong or another independent Pharmacy in future.

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Bbish in reply to Thomas45

Hello Thomas, I'm pleased others have mentioned Daylong, I also use them. They are always available on the phone and more than helpful with any queries. I have heard that Boots are the worst service for these types of prescription. Hopefully you will have a much better service next time. I wish you well.

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Thomas45 in reply to Bbish

Thanks. Boots were okay up to about two years ago. They've had this prescription since March 8th. I have written to the Chief Pharmacist at Boots HQ in Nottingham to enquire why it takes so long. All future prescriptions will go to Daylong.

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Hi when I need new ones I go through patient choice ,and they come with in two weeks , straight to my home

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