How many garments a year do you get (from hospital)?


I was wondering, how many pairs of garment are provided for you and where do you live? I only get ONE pair a year which is ridiculous. If I wash them at night, they will not be dry next morning. These people don't know it's not optional, I can't wear them occasionally when I want to, but ALWAYS all the time unless I like to feel like crap. Of course I've bought my own with my own money but phew I'm running out. I live in Finland and this is often the case here but not in every city. I'm thinking, as soon as I get the time and energy I try to make a change, this is so unfair. I do not ask them cause I'm greedy - who wants them?! They should learn about this condition and make adjustments to their hospital rules.

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  • Hi ulverin, I get 2 new pairs every 5-6 months on prescription as they start to loose the effect after so long and don't do what they are supposed to do.

  • I am appalled - how hygienic can it be to only have one or two pairs? No wonder we get so many infections.

  • I get 2 sets twice a year - so I have a spare while other set in wash. I get them through a hospital and thought that was standard. My sister has same through a different clinic.

  • I think I am very fortunate as I get 2 armsleeves every 3 months after discussing with my physiotherapist. I am in Scotland and under the auspices of Fife Health Board.

  • I am in the UK. I get 2 pairs every 4 months now on my repeat prescription at GP surgery although originally sorted by my lymphoedema nurse. As Bev-1966 says the sleeves lose their effect over time and if you only have one it is impossible to dry them overnight x

  • One pair every three months as stated by Leg Clinic.

  • Wow! I only get one pair, once a year! I got my first pair of leg wraps in June last year - and am still waiting for the replacement pair today, the end of August! I usually take one day w week off, and wash/dry them. Have to spend that day with feet raised all day though, otherwise so painful and in just one day they swell so much. I'm in Dorset - maybe they need telling here that I could have more than one miserable pair a year?

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