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Jobst Elvarex flat knit full length stocking


Sorry to keep popping back here with questions! I'm delighted to have just received my stocking(s), and am fine getting it on and off. BUT - how do you keep it up? mine keeps sliding down my thigh and I have to keep hitching it up. It's got silicone around the top, but this doesn't grip enough to keep it up. Having a bad case of the Nora Batties! Any advice gratefully received - I'm sure there must be a simple answer...

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Haha! I had the same problem turned out the measurements needed tweaking

Sounds, as Julia says, that the measurements may be wrong. You could try skin glue - freely available through places like Amazon. I rate Klebi quite highly.

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Thanks Lynora, from what you and others have said I suspect the measurement at the top is wrong. I should be seeing my Lymph nurse week after next so hopefully she'll be able to check it to see. In the meantime its already having a great effect so I'm going to carry on wearing it and improvise for now (even if it means frequent inelegant tugging...)

If youre in the UK and were measured before our current heat wave chances are you’re now more swollen due to the heat - that would impact on how your garments are fitting. Discuss with your Lymphoedema nurse/clinic. Until it’s sorted, a good skin/garment glue is called It Stays. It’s very sticky so gets the job done without needing much! It doesn’t damage skin or garments and is water soluble. It’s widely available on the web.

Hi Deborah. I had the same problem and it turned out that they were not long enough so if you have a lymphie nurse get her to check the measurements. You can also buy special glue to keep them up. Again ask your nurse. A good website is lymphedema products. Good luck

I use glue and it works a treat.

The lowest price I have found the glue is here.

They also have a good product to get rid of redness and sensitivity to griptops

That's really kind of you, thanks so much. I'll have a look.

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