Are there other wraps besides farrows? Mine leave indents here and there in my legs and I don't think that should be. Are there any 1-piece wraps that give different compression as they go up the leg? I have been wearing them for 5 years, now on my 2nd pair. I do not see a need to buy them every three months and that is too costly for me.

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    I also have Juxta wraps which I find are a total pfaff to put on.

    Personally I like the farrow wraps given the choice ,but that does provide you with another option.

    Do you have compression garments at all ?



  • I HAVE WORN FARROW WRAPS FOR A FEW YEARS. FEET AND LEGS. COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO WEAR THE THIGH WRAPS SO THEY WOULD STAY PUT. Do you find indents into your skin and leg when you take them off? Those worry me.

  • Yes I do find the occasional indent as I have a lot of water retention .

    I am not overly bothered about this .I am awaiting new compression garments to include upper leg wraps so are not in a position yet to comment on their effectiveness.But I really hope they work.

    Do you find tey dont stay in position ?

    At the moment I have coban dressings on upper leg and find that approx 2 hours after they have been dressed the dressings have slid down.,so just hoping for more success with the new garments.



  • Every time I moved the farrow thigh wraps moved. When you get them, would you copy the instructions on how to put them on into this message board? I dont believe I ever got them. That could help me and others to use them. I also have the knee wraps. Thanks.

  • Yes I will

    Do. Not expecting them to arrive for another 3 wks so if you dont see it just give me x shout in case I have forgot.



  • I just found videos on donning and doffing Farrow wraps. Google Youtube Farrow thigh wraps and Farrow leg wraps. They have a lot of youtubes explaining it all. I think I can put on the thigh wraps tomorrow when I head to the lymphedema specialist.

  • There are no whole-leg wraps. Juzo have a product called ACS which people find very comfortable. There is also ReadyWrap - if I were in my office I could give more details! Not sure who is carrying FarrowWrap - they chop and change like the tide!!!

  • juxta wraps last for 6 months guarantee so they may last even longer? You get a card where you can measure the compression to up and down the leg. I love mine.

  • GREAT. Thank you.

  • I have been on the Juxta Fit wraps for about 18 months now, lower leg, thigh and bandaging on the feet. My only problem has been with the thigh wraps - I have, on both legs, a huge swelling just above the inner side of the knee. We have tried and tried to find a way that the wrap could accommodate this ''bulge'', but all it is doing at present is compressing the lymph in that area - leaving me with a solid and uncomfortable mass! Not pleasant and gives me a very strange looking walk!

    The lower leg and feet work well and I find that if I have a comfortable stocking on under the wraps, they don't slip at all. I also use K-lite cotton wool bandage as a base on my feet - stops rubbing and blisters forming. Also lovely an warm in Winter - but hell in Summer. Hope this helps?

    Anyone with an opinion on how I could manage the ''unsightly bulge'' around my knees - please feel free to post advice.

    Not wrapped at the moment as STILL struggling to clear this infection after 6 weeks of all sorts of treatment. Will put details of my new regime in letter to 'Completely'.

    best regards,


  • Thanks Sammy. Would a vascular surgeon's opinion help re the bulges around your knee?

  • Haddenham easywrap are fairly new, l have seen articles about them on their website. Not sure if they are available on the NHS.

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