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Please help - footwear advice needed!


Hi all...I'm new to the site and new to lymphoedema. It materialised about 5 weeks ago after a nasty bout of cellulitis and properly diagnosed 2 weeks ago. I have my 1st appt with lymph nurse on Thursday :-) My problem is footwear...My foot (left) is so swollen I've had to buy a pair of shoes which I found by chance in the Clarks sale....but they're wearing out already as they're the only pair I can wear! Is there anything else out there?! I'm only 41 and find the styles of shoes that are available are perhaps more for older ladies... :-( Thanks, and take care everyone x

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Your lymphoedema nurse may well have leaflets available from companies who specialise in footwear. Some of my ladies have become quite clever with their footwear - finding 'trendy' stuff in TK Max and Brantano. They buy two pairs - one 'normal' size, then a second pair that will fit the swollen foot. Bear in mind that swelling invariably gets worse in hot weather. Perhaps your LE nurse will be able to offer MLD and teach you SLD to help reduce it, plus compression garments may help to reduce the size of the foot.

Thanks Lynora. We have a limited shopping experience here in Eastbourne. I guess I'll have to try farther afield. Buying 2 pairs is a clever way around it but not sure I'll be able to afford that option...will look into it.

Widerfit shoes are an online site which specializes in footwear for big feet for ladies and gents,if you look them up they will send you a brochure and you will see for yourself if it's what you are looking for ,good luck.


Hi facey72,

I have resorted to wearing velcro fastening sandals. They're not what I would like to wear but they're functional. In cooler weather I go for lace-up shoes or boots which can be very trendy looking.

Also, when I wear my lace-ups, I put them on as soon as possible after getting up etc before my feet have too much time to swell which also helps to cut down the swelling.

Hope this helps. ;-)

hi facey 72 there is a company named cosyfeet which do some nice footwear for swollen feet try or ring 01458 447275 good luck

Hi I tend to go for the flat ballet shoes from shoezone, flip flops and slip on wedges. I find if you put them on first thing and keep them on all day your feet are usually a bit uncomfortable but not too bad.

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