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Advice needed post total knee replacement

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Hi. I had total left knee replacement surgery on 5th May with lymphedema in the same leg (I have it bilaterally in legs, hands and arms)

Since surgery I developed cellulitis that Dr's did not accept and treat until 2 weeks afterwards. I now have an itchy rash around my knee scar.

Any advice greatfully received.

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You may still have active cellulitis. Were you on a/bs for a minimum of 2 weeks? If not, see your GP asap, and get another dose.

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PinkPixie72 in reply to Lynora

This is what it looks like now

Tiny blisters over knee and surrounding area

Please see your Dr. Right away.

I would advise you see your GP for treatment. Latest guidance is for at least 2 weeks of antibiotics to remove cellulitis. My GP stuck to rigid publicised guidelines on antibiotic issue and I have just returned from a 2nd stint in Hospital on the maximum dosage of IV antibiotic because it was not given prolonged enough treatment initially.

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