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Knee Replacement Surgery Advice

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Hi All,

I have bilateral lower leg Lymphedema & wear compression garments all day every day. In 9 weeks I am having a total right knee replacement & then at a later date the left one is being done. But 1st things 1st back to my right knee, I was wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation & can give me some advice. I appreciate one of the most important things is to stay wound infection free to avoid cellulitis.

Thank you

Cathy x

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Look at the website of the Lymphoedema Support Network If I remember correctly they have an article on operations and lymphoedema. You can also phone them up for information. I have lower leg lymphoedema and had bunion operations on both lymphie feet/legs. I was put on antibiotics before the operation and kept on them for about 2 weeks afterwards. Also pre operation my lymphoedema clinic wrote to the surgeon (but my surgeon had done a few lymphoedema patients before, as well I believe, as the Queen's knee!)

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catwalk40 in reply to AnneBury

Thank you. I had looked but couldn't find anything but will have a better look again. x

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AnneBury in reply to catwalk40

Look under "information", then "useful articles". There is an article on Lymphoedema and orthopaedic surgery.

good luck but dont know anything about knee operations wish you good health. corey 10

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Thank you Corey10. My date has been brought forward to 20th May. Thanks again x

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I’d be interested to know if you’ve had your operation and whether it has caused you any problems with the Lymohoedema itself , your mobility ,capability to carry out the excercises and any infection? Etc

Did your woundheal ok . I’ve bern told that healing could be difficult . Are there any tips that you can offer . I’m debating whether to have my left knee done at the mo ent but don’t want to end up worse off . Thank you

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