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Lymphedema and total knee replacement

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Can someonegive me Information on total knee replacement plus lymphedema can my husband and use his lymphedema machine seven days post-op?I bandage him rather than compression stockings because his skin is compromised from the use of Xalreto for A fib

7 Replies
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Are you in the US? Does he have primary or secondary l/e? You may need to talk to both the orthopods and his Lymphoedema management team for advice as there will be post operative oedema - and with the complication of A fib, he may not benefit from use of the IPC. He may also have retention bandages on, which will require changing frequently for the first few days, plus either staples/stitches on the wound with possible drains attached.

My knee is being replaced this very morning!!!!! I'm trying to keep distracted!!!

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Bev-1966 in reply to Lynora

Morning lynora, hope all goes well with your knee opp.

I will be thinking about you xx

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patsy1702 in reply to Lynora

Good Luck Lynora. Hope all goes well for you and a speedy recovery.

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Chrissie2 in reply to Lynora

All the best Lynora for your op. I'm sure you will be back on here very soon, if not tomorrow. You are a great consultant for this forum.

Lycoming- sorry I cannot help with your situation. As Lynora said you need to speak with your consultant etc. All the best x

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Dottilady in reply to Lynora

Good luck with your op Lynora, hope you're soon back on your feet. 👍🏻

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There is a helpful, very recent post, on the facebook page of the Lymphoedema Support Network (surgery on lymphoedema affected limbs).

Hi Lycoming - has your husband had his op yet? Can you ask his medical team and nurses/therapists about this? For an uncomplicated knee replacement, using the IPC device should be fine (assuming good wound healing, no signs of infection or DVT, good sensation etc, good circulation to the foot etc). But best to check with his medical team to be sure. Also, you can ask the people who provided you with the IPC - they should have some guidelines too. The pressures might need to be adjusted too.

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