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What a busy moth and my leg still doing great.

So December has been such a ridiculously busy month. Shopping for gifts, putting up the decorations. Spending lots of time with my mother in law who is dying and just so any other things going on that have kept me on my feet/legs constantly. So the reason I am telling you this is because 11 months ago I had the SAPL surgery on my left leg. With everything going on this month I did not get much time to elevate or pump my leg. All I have done is consistently wear my custom leg garment and my leg is doing great. Finally on the 27th I was just plain old tired and stayed in bed all day. A much needed rest. I was concerned I might experience some swelling but not the case. Very much looking forward to doing my right leg. Just have to postpone it for about two months to get a few things done in order to proceed. But for any of you wondering if SAPL works, I'm here to tell you so far so great. I heard someone say they would not want to wear the garments all of the time. While it would be nice in the summer to go with bares legs, it is so much better wearing them when your leg is shaped right. Any ways this is an update for those of you thinking about this surgery. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

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Thanks for this very positive update honey xx

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Great news! I’m very happy for you. It’s great to have people share the affect surgery had on their life for people who are trying to decide if they would have it done.

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