Is this really my leg???

Well, it's been 2 weeks since I had my SAPL surgery on my left leg. It is still very sore but getting a little better every day. It will probably take another week or two before I can get the support garments on and off by mySelf. I look at my leg every day multiple times a day and I am amazed and ask myself "is this really my leg" it's so small. I new I was getting fluid in my right leg but wasn't aware how big it had gotten until I did left leg. I cannot wait until I can eventually so the right leg and have 2 that look the same. I had forgotten just how shapely and pretty my legs were. Not trying to brag just so happy. Also the weight loss in just one leg is over 10 pounds. I feel so much lighter. Plus all the waste that sits in the legs builds up and it is incredibly painful. I am not feeling that pain now. I am just so thrilled I worked up the courage to do it. Now it's time to fight with insurance.

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  • Hi snaomi, so happy for you, so you have a sexy leg now then 😂.

    Good luck in your insurance fight keep us posted how you are getting on.

  • Great to hear you are feeling so good stay positive best of luck with insurance,so glad I am Scottish.2weeks Togo until my op feeling a bit nervous Take care x

  • Which surgery are you having and is it legal, arms??

  • Hi snaomi,I have right leg lymphoedema diagnosed following cervical cancer op in 1995 have been under the care of my local hospice clinic for many years with treatments and bandaging 2/3 times a year.I am having liposuction on my leg at Dundee Ninewells on Monday 27th feeling a bit nervous but also excited about the thought of having 2 normal sized legs again after all these years.I am very fortunate to live in Scotland where the op is funded by NHS.Keep posting about your progress it's brilliant that these new procedures are now becoming available.Maybe someday a cure !!!!x

  • It is my recommendation that you ask them to wrap the leg for the first week rather than custom stockings. It is so much easier to tolerate the stocking being put on second week. Also, take pain medication 45 minutes before they do anything with leg. It really helps. By end of second week or beginning of third, while leg is still sore it is much more tolerable. Best of luck to you. You will be thrilled. Keep us posted.

  • Thank you for all your advice will help after op .Will keep posting with progress xx

  • Went to my local physical therapist today. He was very surprised at how small my leg is. This is the first time he has worked with someone who has had sapl surgery. He is excited to be part of the team. The goal now is to let left leg heal and then work on right leg. He said it looks as though the fluid can still be moved in right leg. I had a custom filed stocking made for my right leg as well aND just in two weeks the wearing it my right leg has reduced in size. So we think with MLD and wraps which I will do in April probably we may be able to get the right leg down closers t ok my new left leg size. Hoping we can.

  • So pleased to hear you are getting positive results x

  • You're not bragging. Don't worry. It's always good to read about good news. Chuffed for you!

  • You are moving towards a pair of gorgeous legs so happy for you xxx

  • Thank you

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