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Cellulitis - waiting for surgery

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Hi I've had cellulitis for about 6 month​ on & off. Never quite goes at end of antibiotic course, Dr has given me 7 lotts of antibiotics each lol for one week. Swelling gone down but still hot and red, i don't know if I've got lymphoedema it's only since I've read these posts today that I've thought about it. I'm having spinal surgery in June and I'm worried what affect it may have. Has anyone had surgery while suffering​ with lymphoedema

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You will be at risk of Lymphoedema following chronic cellulitis - and 7 day antibiotic regimes are not enough, which is why you have had repeated infections. There is a downloadable document on the LSN website, about management of cellulitis - you should take it to your GP.

Have you spoken to your surgical team about your current condition? They will need to take chronic infection into account - talk to them now, as it will affect your post-op treatment.

Yes I had a hysterectomy for endometrial cancer nearly 4 years ago..and a knee repair surgery in 2007.and have lymphoedema in both legs since at least 2002....I had no ill-effects re lymphoedema from either of the surgeries

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Hi, as Lynora says, 7 days is not enough, probably after so many attacks you might need even more than 2 weeks, but try getting the GPs to listen ... My cellulitis eventually cleared up (after grumbling for more than 3 years) when I was aggressively treated with 3 different antibiotics for a chest infection for over 2 weeks. I had surgery during the time I had grumbling cellulitis, I spoke to the medics, since I wasn't feeling too good on the day of surgery, they checked me thoroughly and said only a very high temperature would stop them operating. I suffered no side effects (apart from the ongoing grumble).

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I've had Cellulitis in both legs since my daughter was 2wks old - 11 in May... Seen loads of Dr's & told unusual to have in both legs at same time. Presented many times in Walk in Clinic to the dismay of being told impossible then retract their words cos there I am standing there with 2 very inflamed swollen legs. Often need more than 1wk of antibiotics. Fab GP... Got a new gel cream that use everyday and much better than the Doublebase I've used for years... Puts so much extra pressure while struggling to walk on crutches for other disability... Resigned myself to never having my slender legs back, put them up to reduce swelling... Now I'm getting pains in foot,... Another GP trip I guess...

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Thanks for info if it flairs up again I'll ask GP for 2 weeks course that doc should help surgery was canceledd in January as cellulitis bad in left leg below knee. They'll check it before surgery in june

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NICE guidelines state that Lymphoedema patients should be on Penicillin prophylaxis (taken every day) to prevent it happening in the first place. Once cellulitis occurs you need either an additional broad-spectrum antibiotic or combination of antibiotics to take until the infection is GONE, not just for a week. You may even need intravenous treatment. Your GP needs to get informed!

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The nurse I saw today said I will always need a two week course for cellulitis. I have emergency antibiotics in case I feel those four like symptoms returning. I want to be quick off the Mark

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I think guidelines for prophylactic antibiotics has changed recently.

No doubt LSN will bring us up to date 😀.

I had major abdominal surgery a little while back and was given antibiotic cover post op

by the team at St George's to reduce the risk of post op infection.

I have both Lymphoedema and Lipoedema.

My surgeon was more than happy to comply and I am pleased to say that all went well.

Do please consider joining LSN if you haven't done so already, the benefits are huge.

Perhaps you could then also encourage your GP practice to undertake the learning module produced in conjunction with the Royal College of GP s and LSN.

I wish you all the best.

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Yes, I’ve had five back surgeries and I have had primary lymphedema since the age of 12. As my doctor said the worst thing for my lymphedema is to have my back issues and the worst thing for my back is to have lymphedema. It’s just a mess. I’m not sure if the Surgery‘s have made my legs worse or going through menopause at the same time was the culprit. After menopause my lymphedema spread through my entire body. As before it was just in my lower extremities, from my knees down to my feet.recently For the first time I have bad cellulitis i never knew exactly what it was until i showed photos of it to my doctor. It hurts, it’s red, similar to a sunburn, very hot to the touch and very sensitive. Also developing bumps almost like blisters on your legs which I have discovered are from the lymph vessels leaking under the skin and the lymph nodes are not pumping lymphatic fluid back up so it just sits there and fessters. It’s also very difficult to get your socks on when you need them the most because just touching the legs it hurts that much more. The socks that I wear or 30 to 40 pressure and if I miss a few days they’ll only get worse. I just get sick and tired of it all. You spend most your life raising your family taking care of everybody and now it’s time to take care of yourself. It’s not only a physical problem it’s also a mental hardship as well as a emotional hardship. Wishing Everyone with lymphedema well. Keep me posted on anything new and the surgeries they are performing in Europe. They’re not doing it here in the United States.

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