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Cellulitis in Breast?


Hi all,

I have suffered from lymphoedema in my arm for three years as a result of breast cancer surgery - partial mastectomy- and lymph node clearance. I think I might have acquired cellulitis in my breast. This morning I had a rash which has now developed and looks as if my breast is scalded. My husband will go to collect a two- week supply of antibiotics - when the pharmacy re-opens after lunch. I feel shivery and my temperature is 38.2. Do I take paracetamol and should I keep the sleeve on as my arm doesn’ t seem to be affected. What do I do with the breast?

Many thanks

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Did you have radiotherapy?

Yes, take paracetamol.

If your arm is unaffected, you could leave off the compression.

Wear light clothing/rest. If the breast is hot, put a damp towel or flannel, which has been in the fridge or freezer for a while, over the breast.

Jammyjo in reply to Lynora

Hi Lynora,

Yes, I had radiotherapy about 4 years ago. The arm feels a bit tight at the minute. Do I still leave off the compression sleeve? I have put Savlon on the breast this morning and now E45. I don’t know if that is the correct thing to do. I assume that I don’t do the exercises and self massage. The antibiotics the doctor gave me are Clarithromycin - only one week’s course, so I will have to get another week’s supply. Thank you very much for the advice and the tip about a damp towel.

Lynora in reply to Jammyjo

Give your arm a break and leave off the sleeve until the antibiotics start to do their job. Be kind to yourself - cellulitis should be taken seriously.

Jammyjo in reply to Lynora

Many thanks , Lynora. Will do that

PhoenixLincs in reply to Jammyjo

Might be worth downloading the LSN cellulitis guideline document and giving it to the dr (or emailing the link to them if you can). I just tried to paste the link here but doesn’t appear I can. I searched for it in Google though and it came up so give it a go. Also, LSN have a wonderful leaflet available

Jammyjo in reply to PhoenixLincs

Thank you for that info, PhoenixLincs.I will do that.

I informed my GP this morning who had a look at the breast and made another appoint for me tomorrow morning to see if there is any improvement. If not, I will be referred to hospital for intravenous antibiotics on a day procedure basis. She seems to be on the ball as she recently had a patient with the same symptoms.


Jammyjo in reply to AnneBury

Thanks, AnneBury for that information. I really appreciate all the helpful advice from everyone. My temperature has gone down to 36.4, thankfully, which is an improvement.

lymphoedema.org/wp-content/... Found it

Jammyjo in reply to PhoenixLincs

Great, PhoenixLncs. Much appreciated. Thank you.

Lots of good advice above. Just to add that keeping well hydrated helps everything. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Jammyjo in reply to Perido

Thank you, Perido. I have upped my intake of water.

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