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Surgery for secondary lymphoedema


Hi all, I have had lymphoedema for 4 years now and thought I am generally well and can cope with this I have recently had a course of bandaging to reduce the swelling in my calf. This has worked really well.

I have an appointment on Wednesday for a consultation for surgery- Anastamosis or lipo ( or both) I have read conflicting accounts of this on the web and do not know anyone who has had this.

Has anyone had this operation/ know of anyone who has success with their condition following this. I'm concerned about paying for this and it will make little or no difference.

Thank you

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I went through supermicrosurgery (LVA) a year and a half ago and I am starting to see significant improvements now (2,3 even 4 cm less!).

From what I know, results may vary depending on many factors..

Personally I tend to encourage people to do this kind of surgery as there is practically no risk of getting worse and you give yourself a chance to get better...

The operation itself is not big deal; no pain at all, just a few days home with your limb lifted and then you can go back to your life.

the thing is you cannot say your limb has healed, and you have to keep wearing your stocking and doing your therapy...but it will somehow affect your quality of life..

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Thank you, I will see how I get on. Were y: ou lucky enough to get this funded ?

Good luck with your consultation, hopefully you will get some information at that about potential success or otherwise.

Hello, I am wanting the same operation and asking the same questions as you are. Are you likely to have the operation in the UK? Please do keep in touch and let us know what information you were given and how you get on. Good luck with everything


Hi, yes do let us know where you are planning to have your poss ops. I have heard very good reports post Liposuction but very hard to get funding from the N H S. I have had 3 applications rejected. Been quoted 10 to 13 thousand by the same team at St George's privately. A lot of the cost is For the post op reshaping of the limb with garments etc and then they need to be worn24 hours a day.

Good Luck.

i, I had LVA last year but unfortunately have not seen any benefits, at this point it is highly unlikely as you generally start seeing results within 3-6 months. Every surgery and scar will impact lympatic flow in some way so it is not exactly no risk but it is low which I why I took the risk. I have since been to the Foeldi clinic, who are very against the surgery and believe it has worsened lymph flow in my lower leg where the scars are. I dont necessarily regret it as I am willing to consider anything to improve my condition. Lymph node transfer is too experimental in my view and lipo is very high impact, I would be fearful of damaging the lymphatics and I am also not prepared to wear my hosiery 23 hours a day, which you have to for life post lipo.

Ultimately you need to form your own view of the risks v benefits. If you do go ahead make sure you have the right surgeon who has done numerous similar procedures with good results, make sure you are not a guinea pig.

I am Italian and here in Italy there are at least a couple of hospitals whereLVA is performed with the NHS. Therefore, no need to get funds. The surgery that I am talking about is not the one perfromed by Dr. Campisi in Genova (which is quite discussed here in Italy; the LVA is performed at the groin where it is not likely to be effective and the risk of worsening is higher).

I agree that you have to form your own opinion about the surgery; surgeons tend to encourage people to go under surgery, other doctors who provide other kind of treatments may be against the not ask the barber wether you need a haircut!

hi i know this is an old posting, but i was afer the same information, and i cannot find anyone who knows, did you get an answer?.

thank you


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