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Lymphoedema micro surgery.

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I am searching for doctors who perform super micro surgery for lymphoedema. I know there are doctors in Belgium, UK, Japan, Italy and USA. As I need to travel from Australia I need to find it easy to get through all the paper work.

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Have you tried contacting the service in Adelaide headed by Professor Neil Pillar to see if they can provide any advice to help you with options and perhaps find somewhere closer to where you live? sorry if you have already gone down this route.

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Health1919 in reply to Bryonny

Thank you for your quick reply. I have never heard of Professor Neil Pillar. I will start to investigate.

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Bryonny in reply to Health1919

Good luck, I hope your investigations bring some positive news for you.

If you have the funds I would go to Japan as that's where it all started. And to begin with, I would get in touch with the right people in the Embassy of Japan as someone there will be able to help you in getting in getting the paperwork in order. Good luck in the path you've chosen.

Thank you all. I have looked up Prof Neil Pillar but he seems to be a researcher rather than a surgeon. Good to know we have some one in Australia looking at lymph. Yes, I seem to be leaning towards Japan for surgry. I am frightened be the paper work required for surgery over seas.

But what about getting in touch with the Japanese embassy and ask for advice. I'm sure they will be of help.

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Yes, I will get in touch with them. It is scary going to another country for surgery.

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Thank you, metalchk. This was the first site where I found out about LVA. Unfortunately whenI enquired about the cost I was told it was somewhere between US$40 000 and US$100 000. As I am not from the USA it means I have to pay everything out of pocket.

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metalchk in reply to Health1919

thank you....for letting me know about the cost. I haven't had an opportunity to call yet. but thanks again for the heads up.

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Snaomi in reply to metalchk

Even in the USA it is still out of pocket. No insurance.


you should definitely check out this blog, if you don't know already. It is from an Australian woman who had a lymph node transfer in Australia! If you contact her I am sure she will answer you.


The blog has many testimonies from others as well. I live in Belgium and I know here you have Dr. Giacalone. He does not perform lymph node transfer, but he does LVA ( i guess a similar technique as Dr. Campisi in Italy). I am not sure but I think for a foreigner the price will be more reasonable here then in Italy but off course you want the best treatment but for that I don't know the answer. I have visited the doctor once and he seems very nice. They had a big book with pre and post surgery pictures and based on that it looked good. But off course the question is how long the results last and it can also be from intensive MLD treatment,... That's the problem with finding objective results with le because it changes all the time. I have primary le and I am still holding back... I had a LVA micro surgery but since I did not have a lot off vessels (usually primary is something 'structural'), they could not connect many to a vein so there was no result.

This is the link to contact the doctor here... They have many foreigners visiting them, their site is also in English so I guess they have experience with people coming for surgery from abroad...

Good luck !

Guido Giacalone from Leuven (Hospital in Duffel near mechelen from August 1st 2015)

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