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I have cellulitus in my left leg, have been given about 3 different antibiotics, I now have a blister on my left leg near the foot, i wear oxygen and don't move around much, even less since I've had cellulitus. I've been told not to wear any compression stockings or have massage until my infection has gone, what next? What do you think the Gp will suggest next when I go today, was hoping the infection would go not get a blister in the other leg. HOw long will it be before I can have lymph massage? What will they give me to get rid of the blister

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Hi. Ask your GP if it could be ERYSIPELAS. This is a skin infection that is not as deep as cellulitis and you need a different antibiotic to fight it off. The difference of note is you do get a blister at the point of infection (however tiny that might be). I had to take a VERY high dose over 10 days. This is just a suggestion as i experienced the condition recently - it may of course be something else. NNE

i was rather confused by the Dr today he said the blister is due to me not taking my water tablets. When I went to the nurse she said its the lymph system draining out, as I am not wearing my stocking or having massage, this sounded more likely! She has put a dressing on the blister and cream on both legs which are very dry. They are both red. I can put my shoes on now! Is the Dr or nurse right about the blister?

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I would say the nurse is correct. I thought diuretics were not considered appropriate for lymphoedema, but you may be taking them for another condition of course. Good luck with the cellulitus. I've just had a dose of that, not nice. :)

Is the nurse you mentioned a Lymohoedema nurse or a practice nurse ? It is important to moisturise regularly with Lymphoedema as I am sure you're aware,what is the cream that your nurse has applied?

I have lymphodema in both legs and also lots of what my gp calls hard blisters. She says it's where the lymph tries to escape through the weakest point in the skin. I'm seeing a dermatologist in June to try and get some more information . If you get more than one blister I would push for more information. Good luck

I have small blisters on both legs, which are to do with lymph not water.You absolutely need to be seeing a proper lymphedema nurse, down here known as 'tissue viability ' nurses. I am prescribed Doublebase cream which absorbs really quickly as a result of advice specifically for lymphedema. You could try researching on the computer, and pass the info on to your Dr. In my area there are nurses you can see for special lymph massage too, but they operate privately. I really think you need proper advice even if you have to Google for it initially. You take care and keep in touch.

Sorry to hear about your bad luck. Blisters only form when your leg cant swell any more. From past experience I suffered like yourself and was give 5 different antiboitics by iv and I was bandaged from August to late october due to blisters. Have you discussed your frustrations with your lymph nurse? Stockings are certainly not advisable while your infected and have blisters.

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I was interested to read your post however I've had my blisters for nearly three years and although I wear my pressure garments every day I keep getting more blisters. I'm hoping the dermatologist will be able to help.

I can't answer most of your questions. Try to be easy on yourself. Rest. Read a book. Don't break the blister. I have a few myself and they are annoying. But just leave it. Maybe your body is telling you something, like RESTl !Slow down. Be good to you.~~~ OK enough nagging.Get well.

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