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Lymphodema and Cellulitus

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Hi How do you cope with the fact you could get Cellulitus?

I have mild Lymphodema in my right leg for 11 years and never had it. I'm really worried about the "What Iff's"! It really scares me the thought of getting it and if not caught in time.



14 Replies
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Abi - is there anyone you could talk to about this? You sound anxious. Chatting to someone may help.

It's no bad thing to be aware about cellulitis. Many of us on this forum have either had it, or are 'at risk', or live with it. Ask your clinic to give you information (the LSN have leaflets available) about cellulitis so you are well informed.

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abbellebert in reply to Lynora

I suffer from Health Anxiety and didn't use to worry too much about this. But my Mother in law has just had Cellulitus and it hits home. Nown I am worrying. I know all about skin management and what to do if you get bitten, cut etc... and symptoms of it go straight to hospital but it's not helping.

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AlanK in reply to abbellebert

I never walk barefoot anywhere, and because I have had cellulitis from public pools I no longer visit them. Any skin break is treated with antiseptics and even antibiotic tablets for a day. This way I avoid cellulitis and my incidences of it are very few and far between.

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Hi abi, we don't we all hate having lymphoedema and forget about cell it's always on our mind but until the time comes then do something about it, no use worrying about something you haven't got you just have to be careful. 😉

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abbellebert in reply to Bev-1966

Thanks that's good advise x

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Hi abi. I have cellulitis on numerous occasions and recently it has been nearly every other week. Because I have it so often and now know the symptoms and how I feel before it gets bad I have a course of antibiotics at home ready to start taking which is really useful but you wouldn't need this until you've had it a few times and now the symptoms of it starting. I think cellulitis is something you need to have before you can really learn the signs properly.

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Babe stop worrying I had it a few weeks ago and yes it hurts and can be a pain in the back side butI'm not letting it run my life hell I went stand up paddle boarding in the canal at the weekend with all the miggies nettles and jagged thorns and plan to go to the beach this weekend and do it again I carry a little bottle of lavender oil or tea tree to but on any bite or cut also if I'm out walking I put a little vic vapour rub on to keep they bad boys away 😁😁

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Hey Mel1313 you are a girl/guy after my own heart! We went for a walk the other day through arm high nettles and thorns but I just kept my lymphie arm high above my head!!

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Mel1313 in reply to lovesradio

😂 😂 😂 so glad there are other folk out there like me x x 👱‍♀️

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I do all sorts with my kids and have had stings, bites, cuts. We love the outdoors. I don't put anything on them and been fine for 11 years. I walk outside bare footed. Since my Mother In Law has had it, I'm trying to take precautions just incase. It scared me. I had a Lymphoscintogram not long back and it's primary lymphodema. I was born with it and when I jumped off a stage 11 years ago, the mild trauma, just triggered it off! My lymphatic system is normal and all the nodes present. Works well, just slower. Not got worse in 12 years. It's coping. Don't have to do anything for it, ie wear stockings or anything. Been discharged x

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Thank you for your comments x

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There is nothing to be afraid of where cellulitis is concerned unless you don't tend to it right away. You will know when you have it. I have had it more than 15 times. You get chills, a fever, your limb will get red and hot. Once you know the signs you get to the hospital and get the antibiotics. I now have some on hand all the time, just in case.

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abbellebert in reply to Ljean

Thank you that has really put me at ease x

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Sounds as if you have something else on your mind that's picking up on the cellulitis threat. It's something to keep in mind but not obsess over - and if your lymphedema is mild enough to not have to do anything about, I'd say you don't need to worry much, basic protection should be fine. If you're worried I probably wouldn't go barefoot (oh, I miss that!) but otherwise it's just living life and knowing the signs of infection. The LE GAVE me health anxiety so I get where you're coming from, but you sound in pretty good shape.

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