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I wondered where I can buy a suitable footstool to raise my leg up! I have had cellulitus since mid March, on my 4th or 5th lot of antibiotics, my left infected leg is still red and swollen. I am getting fed up with it now, the Dr said it may help if I rest my leg more. Has anyone had cellulitus for this long, what was the outcome.

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You need a stool that will tuck in to your chair, so that your knee and lower leg are entirely supported. There are hundreds of different ones 'out there' - my Mum used this Just make sure which ever make you choose, that it will support the weight of your leg.

In my experience it is unusual to have cellulitus for more than 10 days, it suggests your antibiotics are not being effective. Has your GP changed the antibiotic or are you on the 5th prescription of the same antibiotic?

When I get cellulitus I go to bed (get sent to bed) and keep my leg elevated (3-4 pillows high). I only get out of bed to go to the loo or have a shower so keeping your leg elevated is good but being in bed with your leg up if even better. If your personal circumstances mean getting care at home is difficult you might want to consider a visit to A&E. When I've had cellulitus in the UK my wife has managed to look after me at home however I know a guy who has had cellulitus several times and now just trots down to A&E with a small suitcase.

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I like that part about the man trotting down to A&E I've had it 3times starting off with the shivers and sleepiness like flu symptoms ,followed by a pinkish mark on my foot the last time I had it ,the doc sent me straight in hospital and that pink patch turned into blisters you can read my post I have just posted....Must admit having lymphadema does make it a lot worse having a compromised lymphatic system.

I have had cellulitis 3 times, each time being worse than the previous. I am 67. My first attack was 15 years ago. I have ended up with permanent damage to the lymph system in my feet and legs. My advice would be to find out plenty from Lymphodema Support Network on line, and be prepared to ask for referrals to specialists when you go to the Dr. I attend a Wound Clinic where my legs were bandaged for a while, to reduce their size, but I think I may be getting extra care as I am also diabetic now. Keeping your legs elevated is really important. A footstool isnt really the answer...I copied this for you:-If you have a cellulitis of the leg, 'raised' means that your foot is higher than your hip so gravity helps to reduce the swelling. When they are told to elevate a leg, many people put their leg on a chair or footstool. This is rarely sufficient (even if the chair reclines), as the ankle has to be higher than the hip for elevation to be useful. The easiest way to raise your leg is to lie on a sofa with your heel up on the arm of the sofa (but avoid pressure on the calf). Or, lie on a sofa with your foot on two or three thick cushions. When in bed, put your foot on several pillows so that it is higher than your hip. I also read that after a few courses of antibiotics, if you still have may need an antibiotic drip in hospital, which is what I you could ask your Dr. for referral...I'm afraid I have had to learn to find out what I can on line...there is a lot on cellulitis....and then be a bit pushy! I now carry antibiotics if I go abroad...because as you probably have to act fast...sooner the better....

I hope this is helpful, and wish you a speedy recovery, and no more bouts of it.

I have had cellutis on number of occasions now, resulting in stays in hospital. My doctor put me on long term pencillian, when it had cleared, which seem too help. Also avoid stress which I find doesn't help. And drink plenty of water and plenty of rest. Hopefully you can get clear. You have all my sympthathy as thought It would never clear.. Good luck xxx

HELLO~~Maybe you could use an Ottoman, with a pillow if not high enough. If a new one is not in the picture., try a second hand/used furniture store. Blessing on your healing

i got mine from a disability/mobility shop, like they have in hospitals, wasn't to expensive, it does help, when I sit down I elevate my legs.

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Which disability shop?

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Try Miller care and cosyfeet . Good luck.

sorry was just a shop in our town I will ask my husband and get back to you

Yes, I had it and it is miserable! I had recurring episodes of acute cellulitis with a lot of redness, pain, burning and itching all the time from the beginning of December last year to March this year - several courses of antibiotics. I suggest you look on the LS N website for the 'Consensus document on the management of cellulitis in lymphoedema, an expert panel giving their advice, print it off and pass it on to your GP. I did! Once I had the right treatment it began to settle down and my legs look and feel so much better now. Resting and having your legs elevated helps a lot, but I find best is a sofa and cushions under legs to lift them above your heart level for periods of time during the day, and even at night in bed, pillows under the legs to raise them helps to reduce the swelling and pressure on the lower legs. with very best wishes.

I am now starting to feel breathless with my cellulitus. I can't even take my stockings of tonight as my leg is too swollen. I am on my 3rd of 4th lot of antibiotics, had the infection about 4 weeks, thius is the 3rd different lot of antibiotics! I do use oxygen anyway.

I have had cellulitis twice in the past 3 years. Each time it has lasted for about 1 & one half years in both legs. It helps to keep your legs up, wear compression boots, and intravenous antibiotics.

EDEN mobility is where I got mine they do have a web site and it was delivered

Hi their yes I know where you can get footstools from Cosyfeet they sell all kinds of aids

Cosyfeet on line or iPad. They will send you a small catalogue of their products. I also have had cellulitus you can read my post I have just posted .

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